I managed to get Laida to look after my son and get to Sidecar , Tuesday night, to see my old, dear friend Wagner and his band, BRAZUCA MATRACA.

So many good times spent with him, sooo many bottles of cheap champagne cava at the University bar, between class Ancient Philosophy and class of Esthetics of the Ugly... How we both turned up at the beguinning of the sales once with exactly the same coat, and had to mark them so we didn't keep getting them mixed up -remember, Mary-Anne? That brownish gabardine I used to wear so much, he had it the same ...from Zara, so cheap those days!!!

So many times helping to drag the stuff for his gigs with the band he had then... Mary-Anne sure remembers that! ;) :P

t'was cool to catch him having dinner just before the gig the other night. We could talk a little, not too much as he was late -as usual- but it was such a close feeling, though we see each other little lately. Sort of bump into each other 2 or 3 times a year, average, and get gossiping and talking and laughing at mutual friends, and updating on stuff... but this year as the Forum fucked up changed the average schedules in Barcelona and there wasn't the three-day festivity Festa de la Diversitat we usually go to, and where he often plays or djs, well... it had been about a year since I last saw him.

He jumped out of his chair and grinned 'Have you come to see me???' and then gave me the news: He's got a child, a baby. 'I'll show you him, we've got to meet and talk, bring Hugo too. Give me your mobile... I was trying to call you for him to be on a video-clip, but couldn't find your number!!!'

-Just trying to imagine Max as a fetus!
So, yesterday, though tired and sleepy, i was with great vibes* after dancing and singing along to his songs... and being able to talk to him again.
*Yes, the temp job interview was ok... but it's only till december... so if I don't get it, there were at least 4 of us for the job, I'm not gonna cry... And, anyway, am starting a course next week :D

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