Have been fighting against a migrain for three days now. So far, I'm winning -it hasn't quite become a migraine, but am feeling a headache buzzing around all the time, and my stomach is quite unsettled so I can't eat much.

My luck, am supposed to meet someone in half an hour, to invite me to a meal and chat a while, and then I have a sort of test- interview for a temp job in a company I'd like to work at, so I'd accept a 3 month job and then see what is going on around there...

But by taking painkillers and eating very little for the last three days, am realizing my head is spinning every now and then, have felt a bit dizzy and actually lost a bit of balance, sort of head swaying to one side or so, a couple of times while here, at the cyber.

Not the best way to turn up for an effectivity test, right?

And better not tell them I tend to have migraines, or I can forget about the job!!!!!!!!!!

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