Was walking with my son yesterday afternoon, when suddenly I was shocked by this voice shouting

I first thought it must be one of the squatters from the 'hood, or some performer rehearsing his new stuff... so i turned round to see what was going on, but saw no bolshevik-looking citizen in the whole street -not even slightly left-winged, besides me!

Guessing I was just making things up again, and not daring to ask Hugo in case I have to explain him the whole story about Russia and its revolution... I just walked on, to be startled again by


This was weird. I turned again, saw nothing I could relate to this communist paroxysm, and started to worry about my sanity, wondering wheter some inhebriated activist, influenced by Zaratustra's analogy, was searching for Vladimir with a torch in the middle of Sant Pere Mitja street -at least it would be hard for Lenin to hide in this small, narrow place...

Was still musing over this when I heard again


This time I was ready: I buzzed round, half-way though the 'IIIIIINNNNN' bit, just to be deafened for 5 minutes by ths south-american woman rushing past me and yelling


Hey, this isn't serious! How can you ask Lenin for a car????!!!!! O.k., Janis may have asked God for a Mercedes Benz, but I never knew Lenin also performed miracles...

Still deaf, and wondering which syncretic church she may attend, I saw her bend over and pick up this 4-year-old kid, The Lenin she was chasing... who was happily playing with my son's skateboard all the time, reason why Hugo hadn't interrupted me and brought me back to Planet Earth.

So. Wrong again.

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