Me, a few days ago, sitting at home with a Bodyfriend in his mid-twenties.

Me: I've been obssesively listening to this song lately. Just looping it, and after a few listenings, letting it go and then once I go back to it, loop again...
Him: Lol* Which song is it?
-Candy, by Iggy Pop
-...right. 1990-1991. Ok. You don't know it, right?
-...and it isn't really your style... [me leaping up and heading to the cd player] but look, I'll play it for you
- lol lol lol haaaahahaha ok, sure. Let's see.
[Iggy' husky voice starts talking:

It's a rainy afternoonIn 1990
The big city
geez it's been 20 years
Candy - you were so fine]
-Yeah lol sounds like you...
[music starts, Iggy sings the beautiful opening:

Beautiful beautiful
Girl from the north
You burned my heart
With a flickering torch]
-So you're the beautiful girl from the north???!!
-caught me! Hhhhahahaa... Used to dream that, not now though
-God! I used to love this song, in 1991, when...
-...you fell in love with Hugo's dad
-yeah. I know. Sorry.
-Well... I used to talk about my girlfr... my ex with you
-...On and on and on... [roll eyes]
-yeah lol
[Candy, Candy, Candy I can't let you go
All my life you're haunting me
I loved you so
Candy, Candy Candy I can't let you go
Life is crazy
Candy baby]
-And show me pictures, of her and her daughter...
-Yeah, yeah, i know...
-Hey, listen to this bit: the girl!!!
[she first tells us, weak with admitting...:
Yeah, well it hurt me real bad when you left
I'm glad you got out
But I miss you

Then her voice goes up to sing:
I've had a hole in my heart for so long
I've learned to fake it and just smile along
Down on the street
Those men are all the same
I need a love
Not games
Not games]
-[rolling eyes] Right... I know
... Iggy on the background, we're talking about our stuff. His problems with his permits, my useless jobsearch. Got talking about why I don't really want to go back into teaching English
-So I just can't put up with the stress of having sooo many 'bosses'. The students, their parents, the language school director, the adult school directress, everyone seemed to have a different point of view on how I was supposed to be teaching!!!
-But you liked it, and you're a good teacher
-yeah, but can't cope with the 9-month contracts and the no-work-no-pay policy at language schools!!! Once I got used to office work, i treasure being able to call sick some day, instead of staggering to class with no voice and teaching by signs...
-True, and then Xmas comes, or Easter, or Summer, and instead of extra cash I had NONE!!!!!!
-Right, you told me...
-And working for such bastards sometimes... remember I told you about the one who kept going on against me, 'coz my hair was "too long to be a teacher", and then he was in the news for child molesting???!!
-That's the only place I walked out from causing trouble: the second year there, in June I said they could count on me for September... then I got a better job, but pretended I'd go, let them think I'd be there on September 15th, and phoned 2 hours before starting to say I had a better offer
-[singing]I left that bastard burning And I never went back
-? ...WHAT????
-The Cure hahahaha
-AAhhhhh! Yeah, those guys you like...
-Yes. I don't listen to them that much, but my mobile tone is still theirs... they used to be my main soundtrack for so long, I have them in my mind quite often
-I've never heard the Cure -what are they like?
-Look [leaping up and heading to the cassettes] , I'll play the one I was joking about: Hot Hot Hot
-Wait, let's see if I catch it...
[You know with tapes: try and catch a song, rewind, listen, rewind, listen, FF... All this with your friend laughing at you]
-Yeah, modern technology. Fast Forward, rewind...
-I don't even know how to use an Ipod and stuff like that, I'm old!!!!!!
-Yeah, poor old granny...
[Hot Hot Hot starts playing...]
-I thought it was more depressing...
-Well, yeah, most of their songs were more typical goth... then there were these funny ones [half an hour talking about The Cure, the Smiths, looking for a few of my goth photos left...]
*Hey, he spends so much time chatting and sms-ing, and he is sooo used to lol, that he actually laughs out loud LOL!!!!!! -or just about :P
******It had been such a long time since I'd made love listening to The Cure!!!!!!********

UPDATE: I got a chance to learn about his background too !

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Violeta dijo...

I used to listen to the cures too but when i was seventeen or so, when i was in my twenties i needed much more fun and i left my cures' old records now (i'm 32) i miss a lot the group

O.k.,o.k.! dijo...

Well, I used to listen to them a lot... and now I don't that much because my record player/turntable doesn't work, so my vynils are put to one side...

By the way, Bodyfriend, after the proselitism from the other day, said yesterday as my phone was ringing: Aaahhhhhh, what a nice ringtone!!!! :P :D He's young, but clever!!!