Obssessive? Moi???

  • Just because I have a loop on Candy on my CD? hey, while I was having my coffee, at the terrace, I had it on a loop for 5 7 rounds, then let it glide onto the next song ;) ?
  • Just because I spent 40 minutes listening to Iggy -mainly Candy, remember?- while watching this great big bug, I think it was a grasshopper though it looked like a locust to me, playing on a chair two tables away from me, and wondering how no-one else noticed. it was :H:U:G:E: ...and as stubborn as me, climbing up on the top of the plastic chair, and slipping down again time and time again?
  • Just because I am so keen on coincidences and chance I make my life so much harder by not taking people's phone numbers but dropping by their Moe's Bars to see if they happen to be there?
  • Just because I check and double-check my friends' blogs in case they have written anything while I was away? -Hi, Mary Anne ;) -AAAAaaahhhhhh, Jack Nickolson in As Good As It Gets...
  • Just because I miss not being able to loop a couple of lines in a song, instead of a whole song?

Yeah, well it hurt me real bad
When you left
I'm glad you got out
But I miss you
I've had a hole in my heart for so long
I've learned to fake it and just smile along

Down on the street
Those men are all the same
I need a love
Not games
Not games

  • Because I am stoooooooopid enough to be thinking of You Know Who, after all, and missing those crazy, obssessive, passionate, lunatic days? Even when I know I shall should shall never ever give him yet another chance, I miss how it used to be, how it used to feel. And I guess I'm projecting my hopes and fears onto someone else, who may not be at all in that division. Who knows.

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O.k.,o.k.! dijo...

19/08/06 Update:

On Monday I gave in, and slept with him.

Still hoping I mamage not to give him a second chance, but not that sure about the nevereverever thing any more :(