Hugo made this cake at school

Hugo made this cake at school

The famous Castañada finally over... and many people congratulating me for the leaves & twigs deco I'd made... The school directress actually came up to me to say that after the party is over, they'll "hang the long cascades of leaves in the Library, so they can be seen for a while, as they're so... fragile, beautiful..." :D

After the two job interviews in the morning, I dashed back to his school by 2 pm and stayed until about 6, helping coordinate, cut and arrange all the homemade bakery and traditional autumn food parents bring over every year for this special teaparty. Think that you get maybe 6 or 8 cakes, but to distribute among 260 kids!!! and also other food, little bits, nuts, raisins, chestnuts we had to wrap in the traditional cucurucho so the chestnut lady (castanyera) could pass by every kid and hand them a bunch of chestnuts... Phew!!!

Special mention to some small chestnut-based cakes a japanese mother brought!!!!!!! Really delicious!!!!!!

When it was all over, the kids went back to their classes -while the cleaning team of parents helped getting everything tidy again and rearrange the centre table to let the parents who are coming to pick their children by then have a bite at some stuff too. And the children come back down, grinning with their own culinary efforts: the smaller ones made biscuits, the bigger ones made sponge cakes, as the one Hugo made and we're going to share with my parents tonight!!!

Shall tell you how it tasted tomorrow ;)

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