Migraine again


migraine [Show phonetics]
noun [C or U]

severe continuous pain in the head, often with vomiting and difficulty in seeing:

Do you suffer from migraine?
Considering the amount of stress she's under, it's not surprising she keeps getting migraines.
a migraine headache

(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

Yes, I suffer from migraine. I can be months without it, then BANG it comes again. Been over three days now, hardly eating, head is useless... yesterday I tried to have a coffe on my way to Hugo's school, and had to run out of the bar to throw it up in the street -metro bars: no toilets :(

Today i have been quite bad, after a slight improvement last night. Now i'm a bit better -just enough to get at the cyber and send a Word cv for my interview tomorrow. Didn't help much to receive a phonecall this afternoon, that the flashy job I'd been interviewed for last week, really a good chance to start getting the kind of responsability and salary I deserve, hasn't come through because, as the girl put it, 'the boss wanted to see younger secretaries first, I think you were the best applicant, so i'll keep your cv for future ocasions and call me for any question you may have'. Holy shit!!! This time it seemd experience was gonna be more important than a young, pretty face, as it was a really tough job, with loads of responsability... Fuck'em all!


p.s. i: can't believe Dani is still sending me loads of sms trying to spend a night with me, after so many times I said no!!!

p.s. ii: this morning, as I tore my eyes open through my migraine, i found an sms sent at 1:58 a.m., from an unknown number, saying 'Te quiero. Quiero estar contigo. Déjame quererte' Fucking hell, i thought 'Who can this be????' I knew it wouldn't be Him, as I don't think he kept my number. So i asked '¿quién eres?'
reply, immediate: 'Por favor, dejame quererte'. Again, '¿quién eres?' and i found out who it was. A guy I had a drink with one afternoon, about a month ago, and gave him my number as we had been talking about some festival coming up, in case he fancied going and didn't know the schedules. So I had to send a few times 'Lo siento, pero no. Gracias.' and similar, as he kept insisting in meeting and proving me his love (?). Not going to have another Dani, for sure!!!

How am I supposed to deal with this in the middle of migraine???

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Pistacho Veloz dijo...

Its true... love and migraine never get on well