Bitter breakfast

bitter breakfast

As I so often commented at O.K.,O.K.!, I am very influenced by emotions, very psichosomatic, very easily driven to tears and/or laughter, grin at people when they talk to me, breath in air before replyong when am upset by something... I can quite control this when at work, as I then hide most of my true personality and act in an 'office-girl' mode about an 80% of the time. But inside I'm still holdinggrudges on people for things they did to me in my dreams, and trying to sort out what was oniric and what was 'real'.

This morning I felt weak taking hugo to school after all our excitement with the heart-shaped potato last night * a night of dropping asleep on the couch at 10 pm and waking up many times, sleepless and agitated.
So I left Hugo at school and went for a proper breakfast, buying the paper on my way and deciding today I'd take it easy a bit before going up to Eva's place... And I saw this front picture, read the article on Bagdad's latest horrors... and cried into my coffee.

Stupid, Ridiculous Occidental White Woman who instead of doing something towards helping the population in Bagdad is simply crying into her café con leche. So I saw myself and made myself stop. Made myself phone Eva o say I'd be late, took this picture to remind myself how often I cry over the news, but am not involved in any NGOs -though I do help sometimes, by giving English classses to NGO workers, atend public acts...- and made myself finish my breakfast.

STUPID, USELESS, RIDICULOUS OCCIDENTAL WHITE WOMAN!!!-But did I chose being born inEurope? Would I change it? Aren't I doing my own stuff helping people I know, going with them to find out about paperwork needed to legalize their situation...?

THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY. As in recycling, as in so many other things.

Damn it, how stupid I feel today!


Was peeling potatoes last night, and found this heart among them!!! I ran to my son, to show him it, and there we were, both of us grinning at the potato -Hugo wanted me to split it in half once cooked, but I was actually preparing mashed potatoes... Even our cat came round to see what all the excitement was about!!!

Potato heart
Modern Potato -Homage to Rimbaud ;-)

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