Wasting time

Can't remember the name of this minor goth band I saw at a small club in the 80s, whose record I haven't listened to for ages... yet keep remembering and singing to my self the words "In my dreams... I keep wasting time/ wasting time, time, wasting time/wasting time, time -wasting time" it was a north-european techno/dark band, something like The Iceberg Project. Should check if I still have the e.p. or lost it in my 2-year-storage of boxes where I lost soooo many things I treasured.

Been playing with my blog, as you may notice. Lost it and re-organized it many times.

Been online to a girl i used to work with, who left Takezo at the time I'd announced I was leaving too.

Been reading Una vida absurda produce desvarios, Mwah!, MinJungKim.com - Braindump v 5.0...

Been reading a friend's Homepage as am thinking of him coz am reading the book he'd lent me.

Been losing myself in the web, so I can stop considering over and over what I'm going to do with my future.

So now must hurry to the pet shop, before it closes... and then off to the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona to the MECAL sessions


(later, in a different frame of mind, after a few hours of Mecal...)

Just remembered it wasn't The Iceberg Project, but The Iceberg Model-still, the only entry for them in yahoo or Google is the picture of the record I have, plus this Mailorder!!!

Yeah, still with the words in my mind.

Vel, I saw the dj you were stalking at 23 and La Paloma, remember? He was at the Mecal film festival. Still looking as intense.


Puzzled. Perplexed.

Saw Him on Friday night. After a month without seeing each other.

He was so happy to see me.

He ran up to me and gave me a dozen kisses on my face, on my neck. And a great, big hug.

He ran off again after that.

He came up to me a few more times with the same routine.

No words at all.

No dancing with me.

No wonder I was worried when I realized I was falling in love with Him.

No wonder we get along well.

Treasure Hunt

On Sunday my mother flung a party for Hugo. He shall be 9 on the 6th, but for some reason the party was 8 days earlier. Sigh.

I always prepare another party for him once he's back in Barcelona for school, with his real friends. But my parents have only made 2 parties for him, despite the huge house, the garden and the swimmingpool they have, as opposed to my tiny basement flat.

The thing is, I have to pay for all the expenses for the Barcelona party -food, party loots, prizes, etc- yet for the ones at my parents', I prepare the games and pay for the party loots and prizes, while my mom gets the food ready. So I am paying for treats for double the kids now. Wow.

And getting party ideas for two sets of kids, in a short time...

Anyway... I went for the following games, in case anyone was interested:
  • Treasure hunting: there were a series of clues hidden all over the garden and house, allways in rhyme, never too complicated as I know my son's friends and their attention span, but not too obvious either. Every clue had also a little parcel with either sweets or tiny toys, as a minor prize. At first the boys didn't want to play, but after encouraging them 'till they found the first clue hidden according to my initial directions... they went absolutely mad about it!!!!
  • Crocodile hunting: I'd got a blister with 20 tiny crocodile stickers, and stuck them half-hidden in an area that was easy to control, but with quite a bit of rocks and plants & trees... a bit of a jungle for the smaller kids!!! I had originally intended this game for the smaller kids, and it worked out perfect that the elder boys wanted to swim a bit while the little girls and smaller boys were 'hunting crocodiles'.
  • The Mummy: Originally it was going to be in two or three teams... but in the end it was 3 children and me playing, so Hugo & Angelo were against Marina and me... we had to wrap one of the members of the team in toilet roll as fast as possible, and trying to cover them up completely as an egyptian mummy!!! As Hugo & I had experience in this, we wrapped the other two. They couldn't stop giggling when they started to see themselves transformed...
The rest of the games we didn't do in the end, the sun came out and into the pool we went. Am glad I still have the hack with small children, after so many years in an office and adult world ;)


Hey, blogger!

Why the @#%% do you not show my most recent posts unless I go to the archives???!!!

I have asked this by the helpline, but they didn't give much help.

Thanx anyway. Mustn't bite the hand that feeds my blog.


One of the things I learned, and can clearly see now, is I have 'A beautiful pentacle in your left hand, that is protecting you and should help you if you try to explore other fields and find a use for all the intelligence and creativity you seem to be wasting'.

Pentagrams and Pentacles seem to be, quite truly, a sign of protection, of 'lucky star' -which I know I have, believe it or not!- and of white magic. It is also associated to the feminine, to the godesses, to nature... and commonly to Satan worship, as a later use.
I am once again seeing a line in my recent readings and interests:
  • I was fascinated to learn about Justo Gallego. He is building a cathedral in the outskirts of Madrid, out of debris and donations.
  • Have just finished reading 'Touch' by Elmore Leonard, where this guy Juvenal has stigmata and the power to heal people and uses it at an AA detox centre.
  • Am finally reading 'The Da Vinci Code' by Dan Brown, where the Pentacle and the Divine Goddess is explored.
These books have probably been chosen because of my mood, but I had started reading the Da Vinci Code before having my palms read, as everyone insists on me reading it. Not a specially good book, but at least I can join the conversations now!
Introspection is the name of the game.



As you can guess by my posts lately, am going through a moment of reflexion.

A time of questioning my recent years. A time of looking at my future in the eyes and trying to decide if what I see is what I want.

A time of chills, more than fear. A time of goosepimples, of sitting on the floor in a corner, watching cars and people pass by.

Also a time of living my emotions openly, passionately. Haven't finally talked about Valencia, but Eva became conscious there and then of how I am changing. She hasn't known me long enough to recognize what this means. Patricia would immediately, should she read this some day. Marta and Isabel are aware of what's going on, but not to what extent, and Mary-Anne may recognize my days of Nietzsche and Bataille* and the influence of Dionysos in my everyday life...

Am transported somehow to 1991. The year I found out about my megaprolactinoma. The year I used to walk the streets for hours looking up into the sky, and learnt to find my way through the city according to the roofs and tops of buildings, instead of by the shops on street level...

It's weird. Really.


Suddenly started meeting people I had close contact with in that year -or 1990-92- ...and hadn't seen since. This was after starting to realize what I was feeling. I have this vision of all the masks I've had to wear one on top of another, to gradually become the secretary I am now, melting and bringing the fresh air back to me... but then what???!!!

Had my palms read for the first time in my life, someone trustworthy, and the things she said also carried me there. She talked about how much there is hidden in me, of how specially emotive and passionate I am, and even so how little I hide it... but how I hide my personality and my gifts, how I am not using my intelligence or my creativity enough, and what it is doing to the inner me.

I might talk more about this in a future post. The subject is now this. My re-enacting 1991.

Or shall it be the beguinning of a new cycle?

What does 1991 mean to me? Besides a beautiful number, it's the year I finished University and believed that I was officially a philosopher. I mean, when you finish Psychology you're supposed to be a psychologist, aren't you?

T'was the year I started serious clubbing, too, moving among The Fashionable Ones and having crowds being parted to let me in to certain clubs or discos.

T'was the year I fell in love with Bernard. My son's father. The person who has changed my life in so many ways, for good and for bad...

T'was when I started getting involved with designers, djs, etc and had my performance group, was gogo dancing, was posing for my photographer friends and other artists...

T'was before I had to wash the stars out of my eyes and conform with society.

The only Apolo that I was close to was the disco I went to every weekend... while Dyonisos was the clue to many of my moods and outburst -of laughter, of love, of fear, of dance, of work...

Talking about Nietzsche is always dangerous. Too many nazi connotations for some. It's like blaming Wagner -not the brazilian one, Mary Anne!!!

Am talking really of the Dyonisos connection. See Nietzsche : A Dionysus-Dithyrambs

*Thought -for those who already know Bataille- that this link would be better: Georges Bataille


Justo Gallego and his cathedral

Been to Fundacio Miro yesterday, to an exhibition I was really interested in visiting: The beauty of failure / The failure of beauty.

It was very interesting in some parts. Good texts too involving Derrida, Bataille, Deleuze... yet other bits perhaps less captivating for me. Eva, who was with me, was asking for a bit of guidance on Romanticism and Wagner... to understand parts of the exhibition, so we had a chance to discuss subjects I usually don't talk about with her.

I was amazed and needed to find out more about Justo Gallego, ths man who 40 years ago started building a cathedral near Madrid. Here goes an article in English, no pics : Don Justo's Self-Built Cathedral: A metaphoric learnings for contemporary alternative initiatives; one in Spanish, with pics: La Catedral de Don Justo; and one in Italian... If you have any first hand info on him, please tell me. Am considering who I can get to take me to visit Mejorada del Campo...

P.S. Why are the exhibition catalogues so expensive???!!! I wanted to buy this one, it's quite good actually, but can't afford the 35 euro, find it abusive.


Too lazy

to actually tell you all our stuff from Valencia and from Eva's wedding. Shall go into it later on, am catching up with all my emails and job applications etc...

But uploaded the digital pics into Flickr and it was too hard not to play around a bit with it, posting some of the pics before going into details. Because details there shall be, Velena, don't worry. Want to transmit it as I lived it, can't do it now.

Been funny, been nerve-wrecking, been awkward, been hot, been many things in a short, short time.

Want to talk about the guys there, at the wedding... the cuban community we met, the good, the bad and the ugly sort of thing... want to talk about some really funny and intelligent guys we met, and some really dumb and gross ones too... want to talk about our quest to find a bar that actually served fresh orange juice in Valencia, believe it or not we only just managed this on our last day there!... want to talk about how I felt about Eva, protective and close, at a moment she was out of her mind with tension... want to talk about the good things and the bad ones we came across, but specially want to talk about my aesthetic experience at IVAM, can't go into details now but I am set to find out more about a whole load of new artists I hadn't noticed before...

...and really must find out about the one who made me sweat, cry and almost faint by feeling absorbed by this sculpture. Something like what happened to Stendhal when he first saw Florence.
Eva didn't know this part of me, and at first thought I was joking. I really almost fainted after having one of my pure aesthetic experiences, a bit like what happened years ago when I walked into the Gilbert and George room at the Tate in London, and refused to leave though my friend was insisting... I think I actually had mentioned some time before during this summer I have started feeling my raptures and emotional floods of my Nietzschean days. This was a typical reaction to a strong, hypnotic vision. Am back in 1990, 1991, when I would get lost in my own hood, after watching a certain film (Dead Ringers, for instance) or would go crashing into people because I had to walk looking up into the sky, couldn't bear the faces around me......

For some reason, i went back to read the posts I made last winter, when losing Joan.

Feeling vulnerable, as I have been through a lot in a short time.

Not me!!!

Exactly... I jumped out of the way, joke or not joke!!!

Who'll be next to marry?

Who'll be next to marry?
Who'll be next to marry?,
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They insisted in playing the trick of throwing her flower in the air and see who'll catch it.

Everyone was going 'Aurea, you next!' and me... 'No way!!!'

Among Cubans

Happy couple... and me between two cuban romeos (?!)
It got quite clear that I was supposed to be 'available', and as Eva got closer and closer to her husband, I got his friends' attention a bit too much. Of course they are not bad guys, but this sort of square, imposed feeling has never appealed to me. I have never been one to go out with another girl, and hitch up two guys who are out together too ...a very typical Spanish way of chatting people up.

Alejandro and Eva

Alejandro and Eva
Alejandro and Eva,
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Yes, sir, they started to get much more into situation...


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This was the nicer version, for their album :P

No more Paparazzi!

No more Paparazzi!
No more Paparazzi!,
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By the time the wedding was over, Eva was starting to feel a bit too much in the mood... and I was a bit sick of the attention paid to me :P

Libro de Familia

Libro de Familia
Libro de Familia,
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...Which I kept in my bag until the money was safely counted, then was handed over to him


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I had to sign too... Eva's P.A. at work once more ;)

Signing too

Signing too
Signing too,
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There she goes!!!!

The Rings

The Rings
The Rings,
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When I got his out of the enveloppe he'd given me it in, the price tag was still on! Had to quickly pull the tag off without anyone noticing.

Eva had bought her own ring the evening before, for 2 euro, after much visiting the local market and spending all the money on other things (another dress!!! etc)

Listening attently

Listening attently
Listening attently,
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The wedding was short, but quite intense

At Rayco's place, before the wedding

At Rayco's place, before the wedding

At Rayco's place, before the wedding,
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Trying to relax a bit, Eva still single but a bag of nerves



originally uploaded by okokitsme

After the wedding, we all went for a much needed ice-cold beer!!!



Serves me right for not concentrating on my job-hunting: look at these!!!!!!!! Dig Dig Head Louse and other cuuute bugs!

It's from the Parasite Pals catalogue at Parasite Pals.com

SMS storage

I think someone told me once that there was some way to store sms you don't want to erase -I mean, store without clogging up your mobile and giving you space to receive more sms. I guess it shall be, if anything, some Nokia thingy.

There are many reasons why you cling to sms. Some are useful information you carry on you. In this case, I usually copy them into the 'outbox' sms list. But in my mobile, a cheap crappy TSM5, this is not always useful. You can only do that when you write it out again and store instead of sending.

When in love, there are hundreds of sms you hate erasing, but there are dozens you would actually keep for ever, XXI century love letters, with all the spontanious urge of love, lust, desire, fun... I went through a love realationship very much based on SMS, where we used to exchange all sort of hot, funny or romantic SMS from home, work, on the Public Transport... When this relationship ended, I eventually erased them all, as I had very little space for incoming messages, but I still would have rather kept them somewhere.

It is not the same to copy them down on a piece of paper, to keep.

You have the signature of date, hour... you remember the situation involved, and though you don't keep them all, you remember what you replied, what happended then...

Right now, I have my list of unerasable SMS down to 8, but my phone has trouble receiving them once I'm up to 14 or 15... I remember in my previous Motorola it was 25, and some people I know have literally a hundred or so!!!!!!!

Just got rid of another SMS I couldn't erase, it was someone's bank account for me to pay her back the 100 euro she lent me... So am left with those SMS that are not love messages, but are those things people write in a hurry without thinking and are a perfect snapshot of their personality. I had to get rid of some of those too -i mean, with my ex I still get into SMS marathons where we send each other 26 or 30 messages each in one day, then keep quiet for a month!!!!!!!

Here are some of the SMS I have kept right now. They are all in their original language, sorry if you can't read Spanish... and one is in Catalan. The sintaxis is the original one too -part of their character. Those of you who know me personally, and who know my friends a bit, can guess who they are from. But most are in English or Spanglish!!! One hint: One is from Malena, the Italo-French designer, one is from Mami, the Japanese Busker, one is from Xavi, the night of the cacerolada, one is from Bodyfriend and one is from my ex, Joan.

  • Estem fent la revolucio vine
  • o que bien ,losangeles d charlie se van d marcha!
  • Hey im here right in front of el corta inglish sitting on branch look for me
  • No. Aquella actriz que me gusta y no sabía que era ella. Que en la peli saltaba y habia unos que eran raros. ¡Si, ya se! LLOVÍA TODO EL RATO!
Just can't get rid of them! Every now and then I read them -these and a few more I kept- and smile feeling my friends next to me. Each one of these SMS is a true vision of each one of their authors. Shame I had to get rid of some of Xavi's w3ird sp4nis# minimal sms -unreadible, specially when he's drunk while writing them!!!!
Well. Enough for today.


Describe Liquid Generation in a word...

Had such a digusting choice of jobs today, I had extra time to go through my LG weekly newsletters... besides blogs etc.

Have you ever seen Donald Trump defending himself of Pikachu and Mary Poppins by flinging wigs at them? Play now...TrumpZilla!!!


Been treasure hunting

...and came out of Happy Books with this book called 'El Latigo de Cien Colas', an illustrated book by Krahn, and with -hardly any- texts by Brossa. Only 1 euro!!!!! It's mesmerizing, I got onto a bus I'd never seen before, and just sat and went through the pictures... until I felt it was my 'hood, and there I was, two streets away from my flat!

Also bought an Antonio Gala book, as I've only read one before and quite liked it. 3 euro. Worth giving it a try. I'd never thought of reading his novels, until Nate gave me one, some years ago...

Finally, I must admit I gave in and got the book everyone's been talking about for the last few months. The Da Vinci Code. Was waiting till the craze wore off, but saw it at a low price and gave in. Am curious. Sorry, Mary-Anne. But I promise, on the other hand, to go watch Michael Moore's film on the free open-air cinema in a fortnight, the Bowling For Columbine I kept refusing to pay for :P

Have to finish some of the books am on now first... last weekend I chose two in french for my Dear Sis, as she's asking me to lend her novels or books 'that are interesting, and in french, to make me revise my French' So I selected for her La Peste, by Camus, and a Sartre, I think it was L'existentialisme est un humanisme, or La Nausée, can't remeber. Because I had La Peste in my hands for too long, and before catching the train to Lloret I was allready reading it again, as I hadn't read it since I was about 20. Once at my parents', I decided to leave it there, lend her it, and read it later on -probably as soon as its returned to me next week?

Made me think of all the books I'm planning to re-read, and wonder why I'm buying new ones.

So I silently glide my fingers over the drawings on Krahn's book, and let myself go once more...