Friday night. My regular disco lately.

On my own, not a problem but I was expecting to spend the night with an old friend of mine, so am slightly pissed off by him being tired and "integrated with the couch" again.

Been helping another friend with her university papers until almost 2 a.m., then the long trip on the NitBus and finally walked down to the disco -no money, only had on me enough to buy a couple of beers.

Find this girl who I've known for years, knew her mother too, but never remember her name and refer to her as ...'s daughter, or ....'s sister -when I have much more relation with her, and her sister will probably not even remember me!.

She's sitting at her regular Trone. No-one dares take her seat at this disco. She's big. And she's mad. She sits there, imposing her presence, atracting friends to her Trone so she doesn't have to move, except to get a new beer.

Sit next to her. Chit-chat a bit. She wants a man. A Real Man. She can cook, she has a job. She wants a man who'll stay by her side. The problem is finding one who is not afraid of her, she says.

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