I. Am. Sick. Of. Listening. To. The. Tinny. Music. From. My. Son's. Gameboy!!!!

He asked for it a few years ago, I got him it for his 8th b-day but he couldn't really get into the game so it got left behind.
I kept it hidden and well stored, and when a couple of weeks ago he started asking for one, and wondering if his had been left at our old flat... I said I'd kept it, well hidden, for whenever he wanted it again. But he had to deserve it -I mean, all homework done in time for the whole week and so on. So yesterday I finally gave him his gameboy, with a Pokemon Silver Edition game -that's what I'd bought him then.
He spent 6 hours playing yesterday!!! 6!!!!!!!!!!!
And as he's a bit slow reading, he was asking me all the time what it said here and there, and to help him do certain options -open his satchel, change pokemon, store information, and so on- instead of finding out how to do it himself. But I said if he went on like that, I'd put it away again... and soon he was playing with a grinand all concentrated, only asking for help now and then.
This morning we agreed it would be only two-hour-sessions, not crazy frenzy as yesterday. Fine.
He's getting more and more into it, and now instead of asking for help, most of the time he's transmitting what's going on: ¡¡Mamá!! ¡¡¡Mira qué mono es éste!!! ¡¡¡Lo capturo!!!- Mom, look how cute this one is, I'm catching it!. Right now, we're at the cyber, me blogging and reading my emails, him on his gameboy, and now and then he forgets and shouts at me 'Look at this new one!!!' or 'I've got xxx points now mum!!!'
But what's driving me crazy is the sound!!!! I tell him to switch it off or down, but when I'm not checking he turns it up again. Not too loud, I agree, but it's hours and hours of this tinny catchy music!!!!!!!!!

Good thing: He's reading!!! Ok, it's the little dialogues and instructions on his screen, but hey, I didn't know what else to do to get him interested in reading!!!!
01.11.04 Update:
He is still at it!!!!!!!!!!! My mother is also driving me crazy now, telling me to stop him from playing, although we now agree on two hours a time, and then stop till after dinner or so :P

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Anul dijo...

Yo todavía recuerdo la GameBoy de mi niñez, enormemente grande, pesada y me podía pasar horas y horas... Con lo chiquititas y monas que son ahora y con los Pokémon :P acabarás aficionándote ^^

O.k.,o.k.! dijo...

:D ya hemos empezado a pelearnos por él!!! Lo que pasa es que YO APAGO EL SONIDO y él lo pone a tope...

O.k.,o.k.! dijo...
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O.k.,o.k.! dijo...

25/08/06 update:

Still on his gameboy now as I'm going through my old posts to del.icio.us-tag them. He's had an SP for a year and a half, but his favourite games are still te Pokémon saga :)