Rushdie made me happy

Yesterday, while waiting for Hugo, I was just looking around and...

  • Managed to find a Salman Rushdie book
  • In English
  • I haven't read yet
  • At my local library!!!!!!!!!

The ground beneath her feet ...it's a different, hardback edition. Got many books to read stocked up at home, so I don't check the library books usually, just magazines etc while Hugo's doing homework... but, hey, couldn't let it go!!!!!!!

Hugo was also grinning because he's actually found a book he couldn't stop reading! He doesn't like reading, usually, however much he sees this bookworm of a mother glued to books... so I'm happy he's standing next to me on the underground, each nose in a book!

By the way, just remembered who'd told me this book was his favourite ;)

2 comentarios:

Iwan Manjak dijo...

"The ground beneath her feet"... I think is Rushdie's best book. Kind of a mytical novel for me, one of those books that teach us about how to live (or, more accurately, how not to live ;) ).

Iim sure you'll like it.

O.k.,o.k.! dijo...

Yeah, just started it and am really busy, but am dying to get back home to get into it!