First day at school

Started my international commerce and marketing course today.

My son was so glad I was doing this course and so prepared to be ready early so I don't have to rush in the middle of the class on the first day, he wanted to wait with me until it was time to go into the building... in fact, he offered to walk me up to the classroom! Had to make him see it would put me in evidence, as if I had walked him up to his classroom on the first day! Because he just wouldn't leave until he saw me going up the stairs, as I do for him sometimes :D

What did I get from my first day at the International Commerce and Marketing course?

  • A tacky bag
  • A would-be-posh corporate pen, nice writer though
  • A load of papers with info
  • Photocopied and plastic-bound bits of books -hey, I know it's for free, but the photocopies are really badly done!
  • A block of DIN-A4 corporate paper, that pulls apart the moment you try to use both sides od the sheet... and has about 15 sheets only. With my huge handwriting, in the 5 hours I was there today I almost used half my block!
  • The feel that this course is going to be useful, the level is quite high as most of the students have university degrees and some experience, the rest have the experience in some way, and all of us speak at least a couple of languages... except for one poor girl, who is a shop assistant who hoped to change her career possibilities, has hardly any studies and speaks no languages except for (as she proved during the class) limited Spanish! When we were reading a case to discuss later on, the teacher asked if there were any questions (this is, if we understood what we had to prepare to discuss) and she raised her hand and said: "Yes, what does elite mean?" Uncomfortable shuffling around the room, trying not to express amusement...
  • The relief that, at least this teacher -there are 4 of them- is good. He's pleasant, intelligent, and warm to talk to.



By the way, am still grinning at the new
Dallas sheriff -Go, Lupe! Go, girl!!!

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5 days later, the pen doesn't work! -sigh!