International Marketing and Commerce

International Marketing and Commerce course: ten days evaluation

Yeah, been to 10 sessions so now I can give my first second impressions first general impression:
  • Met three of the four main teachers. Two are great, highly qualified and dedicated, fun to listen to and good communicators. The other one is... lousy. Unefficient. Unexperienced.
  • Unfortunately, must say the bad one is the only woman in the team we've met. Must admit we're now fearing the other woman shall be similar!
  • Am much better at this than I thought! Most exercises are not just fine, but I get parts of the problem solved other students don't even realize about :D
  • Am one of the three people who often speak up in class, who offer solutions during discussions, etc. Am often asked by fellow students when they're not sure about something. Me thinking I wouldn't be at their level!
  • Already known to be bitchy!!!!!! Got people saying 'Aurea es Mala' with a giggle!!!!!
  • Got people thinking I can cast spells, only 'coz I said our lousy, nervious teacher might get a sick leave due to depression if we keep pressing her... and today this teacher was half an hour late!!!!!!!!!
  • Am really glad I took the course, and part of me hopes I can survive on the dole till March, to do the whole course. It is worth it, once we deal with Miss Nerves.
  • Part of me is still job-hunting, though more calmly, and shall have to consider what to do if I get a job before March.
  • Am not going to blog that much, with 5.5 hours a day at the course... but am still jotting quick notes on the other blog now and then.

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Anonymous dijo...

So you are entertaining your fellow students, miss brainy, hahahah. I can really picture it. You reckon you'll be chosen the "homecomming queen" or "witch" in this case. you put a spell on meeeeeeeeeeee with your maaaaaaagic...... v

Okok dijo...

Hey, busy bee!!! How did you get time to read moi??? Ô_0