Living in a film...

Have you ever had that deja vu feeling, when watching a film? Or have you not stopped sometime in real life, thinking you should be running into Nicolas Cage any moment?

Haven't you ever felt like you're in the middle of...
  • a Woody Allen film? -Yes, I studied Philosophy, like soooo many of the girls wondering around his films/plays...
  • Also, when going through the n-th session of pseudo-analysis with The Guy, as he crawls into your bed and monologues about his guilt and his feelings for you
  • an Almodovar film? -Yes, waaaay too many times ;) -no further comment !
  • a Lynch film?- Yes, like when climbing up a roof to gey P. down, who was crawling higher and higher in a dazed slow motion
  • a Spike Lee film? -God, yeah! Junkies in my flat, demanding me B.'s money, and dealers stalking me as they knew I was his woman!
  • a French intellectual-talky film? -Often, when discussing Isa's problems and her fantasizing onlove triangles with her husband's best friend
  • Saturday Night Fever? -Hahahahaaha yes, at Magic with N.!!!! ;)
  • Saturday afternoon tv films? -Yes, as a struggling mother hiding from wicked ex and trying to make up for the lost father...
  • Spanish 70's films? -Sometimes, when I encounter the Original Spanish Chuloplaya specimens -ask some Spanish speaker if you don't know the word!!!
  • a Tarantino film? -Not yet! Ô_o
  • Battle Royale? [Okok slowly walking away backwards, smiling, not losing eye contact] -no... I used to love my students!!!

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