Basecamp theory

Ian had gone on and on about his theory. Both of us are the sort of person you can describe as a 'Base Camp': people pass by your life, know you, love you, leave you... and drift back to you when in need of support, warmth. Help.

Joke or not, we went through our various relationships, not just lovers but also friends... and it has been quite a pattern.

Joan, my ex, whom I was losing when I started this blog, has split up with his current girlfriend and is counting me as his closest friend to go through his depressions and moods. He admits he feels bad about 'using me' now he's going through all this, 'after all I made you suffer' -but I am in fact quite enjoying the intimacy we had gained again while he was still going out with the girl, and am happy he knows I'll be there as a friend whenever he needs me.

Though I must admit it does sting every now and then.

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havemousewillclick dijo...

Ahhh ! women !

I would love to be a nasty type guys and be able to treat people like this.

Where can I find some ?

ps... how are you ?

hail hail

Okok dijo...

Actually, Joan is one of the least nasty type guys I've been around...

Seen you started posting again...but miss our crappy chatting on messenger ;)

p.s.: Am fine, thanks!