Hooray For Bollywood!

It's my turn to learn now.

A few nights ago I watched Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and had a total immersion in the actors' lives, who tried luck in politics, which famous hindu actor was in Barcelona lately... We spent about 4 hours -the film itself is almost 3 hours and a half long, plus we stopped paying attention for a while :*) and went back to the point we'd left it - listening to the songs, watching one of his favourite Bollywood films... and making love to a Bollywood soundtrack ;)

It was great. At first, when I saw the title translated into 'It's all about loving the family' I thought he'd brought it tongue-in-cheek, as he hates part of his family, cannot go back home as his parents won't take him, and is permanently watched by elder cousins in town. But it wasn't! He smiled back at my scorning remark on the title and said 'But it is! Family is everything!' I learnt more about him, seing the choice of film -the Bad Seed who was sent away by Father, lives in London and is integrated in the Indian London society, is looked for by his younger brother and finally makes up with mom and pop. Pop cries!!! His first tear in public!!! And we were crying too, trying to pretend we were blowing our noses, coughing...

I'm glad he offered to watch this at my place. Gave me a chance to see how deeply imbred his origins are, though he plays Tough Occidental Guy now.

So sweet! ;)

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