Tom Waits...Ataraxia.

Am just curious about it.

Tom Waits.

Bernard. Luis. LoLo. Gorka. Jaime. Jaume. Joan. Nacho.

Bukowsky would fit in perfectly, of course.

Strong characters. Alcohol and/or drug as daily companion.

Men who are not quite out of it, but are not totally there. Not integrated in society as one ois supposed to be.


Me likes the strong character men. Me likes creative men. Me likes guys you can hardly mistake. Me likes trouble. Me can't come crying then.

Dionysos , remember?

Yma Sumac. Frida Kahlo. Janis Joplin.

Anabel. Isabel. Pat-trisha. Falikovich.


Me likes the strong character women. Me likes Da Women around me. Me likes women who know what they are not... much more important than knowing what they are. So what if they're in psichiatric treatment? (two of the above are for sure. Another one really needs it) One looks like Frida.

Me likes trouble. Me is not for easy comfort.

Tom Waits strikes that string, makes me at my closer circle.

Am listening to him a lot again. Moi, j'aime ça.

Can you imagine falling in love with TW? Well, take any of the guys in the list. But you won't be able to take them too far. That's the fun.

Maaaaaaann, then there's the Nick Cave thing. The Dark Side.

Have you read 'And the Ass Saw the Angel'???

Me has. 3 and a half times.

And then there is Raffaella Carra.

(Xavina, Dudu... Me)

Mix and match.

Bataille, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Epicurus.

Ataraxia used to seem my goal... but how can I seek it with my Dionysiac frame of mind?

huh... did I say I've been listening to Tom Waits for the last 4 hours, 'Random Selection' on my discman?

Good night, ladies. Ladies, good night. It's time to say goodbye.

-Now Joan springs up from his couch with his eyes expecting Karma's lights turning on.

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