Fira del Llibre

Was looking around the Fira del Llibre (new & second-hand books, specially non-fashionable books at really good prices, and old editions, beautiful leatherbound ones and crazy titles to treasure...) and though I knew I couldn't spend any more money -see my problems with my mobile- I ended buying a copy of Fernando Arrabal Teatro Completo vol.I*, from the Colección Goliardica -CUPSA Editorial (?) what has been called the frustrated Edition -didn't get to make a vol.II ;)

It's been a long time since I read some of Fernando Arrabal's works. I had some of his plays, and read as many interviews as possible... but when I saw the book there -only 3 euro!- I recalled something about this edition too -the real Teatro Completo was published by Espasa and it was enormous, over 2,000 pages according to Wiki ;)

Actually, couldn't help but start reading yesterday while my son was learning how to use a wheelchair and listening to a video for blind children, at the Mercé's section of NGOs.

By the way, we played a game of dominoes with our eyes blindfolded, and it was quite exciting for him to learn not to rely on your eyes...

* I also got Lorca's Poeta en Nueva York, Oda a Salvador Dalí & Romancero Gitano for a euro, as I had had this same edition actually, but lent it and never got it back! ...and I saw a stand with English books for 2 euro, seemed like paperback bestsellers, but still shall go back to check ;)

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