Silk sandals, right eyes... chain of thoughts

My silk sandals

Between my famous purple, silk flip-flops and my studded high heels,I have quite a wide range of shoes & boots. According to my mood and/or occasion, I wear whatever suits my stride.

I know many women consider high heels stupid, macho-imposed, and unconfortable. I agree on unconfortable... sometimes, not always. Some flat shoes can be pretty uncomfortable too... And as to stupid, it depends on how you wear them ;)

I use more classical hgh heels for 'power dressing' at work sometimes, but usually spend most of winter in chunky high heeled boots -Think Nancy Sinatra! Can walk -not just stutter around click-click-clicking- and can dance for hours, can't run. Feel good for self-esteem sometimes, and a good way to finish off certain clothes...

Yet I adore flip-flops in summer. Feel free, hardly covering your foot, moving with it, not making the foot move with the shoe... but I can walk and run in flip-flops, and find it really hard to dance with them: the shoe sticks to the gooey floor and the foot ends up either on the damn dance floor, or trampled by zillions of other feet in more protective shoes. A spiky heel helps in these cases ;)

For some reason, yesterday I felt like taking pictures of my sandals on grass. Was walking around, looking for the right grass to use -either too patchy, or too shadowy, or too tall, or too fresh & green... and ended taking about 4 versions of this photo. Different positions for the shadow. Not sure if this is the best one, but had to make my mind up.

Later, last night, couldn't sleep -started taking pictures of my right eye -yessssss, I knew this would happen with a digital camera ;)- with and without make-up. Then went around the flat chosing stuff to focus on... but went back to the shoes I had in front of me while watching tv... put only the right one on and took photos of its reflection on a mirror -playing with the reflections, with the different angles... Anyway, this is the b-track :P

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