School again

And no grant for school books or lunches. And of course it's gone up once more. And of course I'm paying it all on my own. Joys of single parenthood.
Besides that, have already paid for the books and the PArents Association expenses for excursions and photocopies etc. Still have to pay for this month's lunch, for the Association itself, for the extracurricular activities... And buy a recorder! Hurray! endless sessions are ahead of tuneless practice :D
Ah, yes, and then the titbits: he got a pencil case -no, two!- for his birthday, and a satchel, but no new folder, etc so am gonna have to fork some more money out for that.
Yeah, Xavina and Manu are asking what they can buy him for his birthday, but if I say a recorder for school, itdoesn't seem 'birthday present' to either them or Hugo.
Let me groan.

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