Am really glad he's back with me. No more nights out for a while, but it pays.

Hugo seems to have inherited the best part of his father, which I'm really glad for, and the most surreal part of me ;)

Yesterday we were at the ciber, him playing some games while I was on my stuff... and when his session expired, I told him to play around with the Microsoft Paint, as it's free here.

He started off by doing something a bit mild, but then started covering it all with different coloured squares, Mondrian? ...then he started moving the squares around and making figures out of them ...Malevich?... he kept altering the picture, and every now and then, when he got at stages he liked, he'd ask me to have a look.

I was on Messenger to a guy who I only met once, who is an artist (?), and described a few of the stages of my son's drawing. I was really amazed at some of them. The other guy said I should print them, but at easyweb you can't... and anyway, he was offline so he couldn't save either. That's why Paint is for free ;)

As I went on with my stuff, my son suddenly said '¡Mira, mama, como Gaudi!' -he has a thing for Gaudi, partly 'coz of school info, mostly 'coz of our regular visits to admire the Sagrada Familia, or to make him see the beauty in Park Güell, the semi-organic integration of stone and plants, the inspiration... ^-^ me going japanese here ;) In fact, it was a bit gaudi-reminding in the sense he'd started playing with lines cracking the figures, then re-colouring them, and so making it look like one of those cracked tiles compositions ...then he went to make it quite cubist, after passing by the broken mirror effect... then started spraying and scratching and ended up almost in a Pollock!

Yes, I was missing my son.

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