Ojos de Brujo

were great, as usual... or even more, really good fun. Danced like mad, and enjoyed every minute of the gig.

But it was weird to go to this concert with the model who impersonates Letizia Ortiz, the Spanish Queen-To-Be (Royal wedding coming up). This girl, the model, has serious personality disorders. Trying to impress everyone so much, she scares men off and causes nasty reactions every now and then. But, when she's out of her surroundings and can't impress anyone -namely, when not among typical 40-ish and up drooling men, she gets blocked up and just becomes a rigid stone, almost.

Not at all a bad person, but peculiar and complicated to go out with.

Must leave, back to work -and who is this Algerian messengering me? let's se...

Vel is coming!!!

Just heard she's going for the tickets: Great! Possibly going out some night this weekend with Joan, my ex, before his current girl comes for Easter, and then Vel is coming to Barcelona for Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, I get every now and then some real weirdos on the Messenger, and others who are not, but they have been checking my blog, and referring to it on their messages -as I told Brian, good job I've started to use only Initials...


Woke up a bit later than planned, thanks to my busy night , so I was late for my lunch in Sitges with Malena. Run out to catch the train, ooohhh it's raining, maybe she won't want to come and pick me up at the station -tried to phone her, but my mobile is dead. Not battery, had been charging for hours, something weird, no it wouldn't work. Hunting for a phonebox that actually works in Barcelona street is usually shitty business, doing this in the rain and when in a hurry is murder.

My friend made me go catch the coach, as I guessed she'd do, as when it's raining she hates the bike. So I go down to the centre and look for the coach. took me ages 'coz I usually go with her to the Night Bus stop for her to go home, but the daytime stop is different and I didn't recognize the company.

Soaking wet, at 14:25 I find out there's a bus at 14:20 and the next one is at 16:20!!! So back to looking for a phone, and back to changing plans, and back to the train station, catch train + local bus that goes rooound and rooound unknown areas until I'm supposed to recognize, from the only other time I'd caught it, over a year ago, the right stop!

Got off the bus, no-one waiting for me -she was supposed to be on her way to the stop when I called to say I'd caught the bus! and after fifteen freezing, wet minutes I phone her -by now my was working, thank god!- and she's still getting her shoes on!!! I mean, her feet are big, but maaan....

Anyway, lunch with some lovely Lambrusco, and lots of gossip and loathing of ex-s and kid's tricks on us, and it was time for the concert. New chapter in a moment.


Great weekend, busy busy

Started my b-day weekend by seing a friend at his shop and having a drink with him. Then met 3 friends who took me out for dinner & drinks paying for everything -until 3:30 am or so, when they left me on my own with Eva and I had to sponsor her a bit. Dinner was finally with Eva, Agnes and Jose Luis -none of the guys queuing to wine & dine me!

Had a couple of cocktails later on, mojito and some other stuff that went down mighty well, and when only Eva and I were left, we went to the disco for a dance, and I started bumping into loads of people I hadn't seen in ages. Always the birthday girl, I kept informing everyone it was my b-day -otherwise it was worse: Eva would shout it out loud, amid uncontrolable laughter. Well, my mate Eva is somewhat out of control as a rule, and even moreso after a certain amount of drinks.

After quite a while dancing and talking, J. turned up, said he'd sent a bday sms -which I hadn't received, strange after sooo many sms since first contact a fortnight ago, but was finally true -me without battery by then.

Turned out to be quite cooler this time, I finally got to talk with him for a while and said I was going home soon, had things to do on Saturday -the disco closes at about 7-7:30 and if you're there 'till closing time, as usual, you just waste the next day completely. So we finally did leave together.

Guess what? cats are cool now! Proves Mary-Anne's saying that men are plasticine when chasing a woman!


Political Humor

Celebrating my bday at the office by handing out chocolates and drinking more coffees than usual -going to be on a high all afternoon!

My boss, who by the way now loves Nespresso again and says he was right about it -see past postings- is on a diet, but has eaten at least 8 Bombones Pralinés !

Time to have an easier way through politics: Political Humor - Jokes Satire and Political Cartoons recommended!


I had J. and R. offering to take me out for dinner tonight, but who I wanted to take me out for dinner -NW- has said nothing! So my friend Eva asked me if I'd hinted, but I'm not doing that, I hate hinting for nothing, so it's best not to hint -or so I believe, after several frustated efforts in the past that leave me really pissed off and fustrated.

So it's going to be dinner with Eva and Agnes, I guess, and later on drinks with some other friends... though I haven't actually planned anything due to lack of cash. I'd like to go to La Paloma, though the puts me off

Been checking the news -in Spanish, this time, sorry!- and it seems most European polititians are glad to get rid of Mr.No, Aznar: El Periodico On another article, they say Aznar was sitting on his own while everyone else was chatting easily before the last meeting Only Berlusconi is going to miss you, Mr. Ansar!!!

Thank you Joan, Lynda, Chari...

...for being the first ones to remember...

Joan was the first person to send me a b-day txt message, oooh, he's remembered!

To everyone else, I know what you're really at:



Mary Anne's shown me how to do this

so for the moment there's going to be a bit of smiley-frenzy until I get over it. I guess.

Well, I did say I'd go back to my own silly me, after weeks of election, terrorism and politics info,and that I was back in town, right?

So if you are as fond of Monty Python as I am, check Pythonline


Well, well, well

Joan has been sms-ing me, as usual no news in a week or so and then a spout of 13 - 15 sms in a row. Almost got a new flat, almost... hey, like Bushy boy on the strip I posted yesterday! -No sir-ee, not comparing my ex- with Mister B.! In fact, as some of our closest friends new, it was precisely on The Famous 11/9 when Joan and I had set our official anniversary, as we could hardly forget that day we were together for over 24 hours for the first time. In Catalonia it is our National Holiday, so most Catalans were off that day and glued to TV -except us, too busy... actually, at first we thought people's sms were just taking the piss out of us and just ignored them!

Ahhh... so now I'll have another afternoon yearning Joan, after feeling quite over it...

He's nice. Really a nice, tame bad boy (T.B.B.)

Miss him

Feel for the surreal?

About a week after discovering the punch in Monty, glanced through in some occasion but quite fun with the loong story of the curse of the mummified hand of Pharaoh Kahoptep III, I've just discovered another great comic strip I'd never read before, Pearls Before Swine, probably 'coz the day I checked it out was slack -or I was in a different mood?

And, back to surreal, how about this piece of news? U.S. county bans all marriages -Article starts off like this: In a new twist in the battle over same-sex marriage roiling the United States, a county in Oregon has banned all marriages -- gay and heterosexual -- until the state decides who can and who cannot wed.

Good Job it's not happening in Madrid, isn't it Prince Felipe? ;)

Hey! check this!

Mary Anne just sent me the link to this short animation film. COOL! :D smoke kills

Totally recommended!!!


Hmmm, tired and sleepy

Spent a bad night with Hugo waking up, nightmares or something, so I'm just in my sleepy blues...

By the way, J. from last weekend seems to still be interested in meeting again, and I'm not sure what to do - should I follow my quest for the Intellectual Hunk that would drive me away from B.B. and T.B.B. guys... or should I accept an invitation for dinner on my b-day to find out more about this guy? NW is not mentioning anything, and though I would love to spend Friday night with him, I'm not waiting 'till Friday at 9 p.m. to see what I'm doing. I'm also supposed to have a drink with JL, and go partying with Eva and Agnes, maybe dinner with them -but once again nothing's sure with them, either. If by tomorrow I've heard no news from NW, I guess I might accept J's offer. Or not.

My first idea, a month ago, was to have people around at my place, but I won't now 'coz a) I'm broke, and b) my house is a mess right now, with lights not working due to bad connections -and me waiting to be able to pay someone to fix them, as I can't. Moan, moan.

Good news? As far as I'm hearing, it may be now Bushy boy's turn to have his ass' kicked out of work and in the dole. How is the US doing for unemployment benefits?

I received this email asking for people to sign up for our own right to vote for the US president, even if it is not vinculating to the final result, seeing how US tends to influence our life. Interesting idea. No, I didn't sign in, nor re-sent it. I don't always jump into these things, ok?


First birthday presie

My birthday is on Friday -yep, 26th March, Aries! ...so now you start to understand...

My friend Male is taking me on Saturday to see Ojos de Brujo, this mixed up band I love that is a bit of flamenco, a much of mestizo fusion, a hip-hop sense of rythm, a somewhat punk attitude and a great, great live act!!!

For those who don't know the band, here's a handful of reviews, and click-and-listen stuff to get an idea:

BBC - Radio 3 WOMAD 2003 - Ojos de Brujo profile

Flamenco-world.com / Interview with Ojos de Brujo

BBC - Radio 3 Awards for World Music 2003 - Ojos de Brujo

Thank you, Malena, babe!!! She's going through a bad moment now, so it's going to be great to get together and have a long-deserved laugh and kick ass at our exs. I shall spend the night there, in Sitges -great coast town, nice now it's not peak season.

23 Jazz Festival at Terrassa

Spent a great weekend with my friends in Terrassa. Took Hugo on Saturday evening, just a shortish ride on the train, and spent the night there. Shame I have no money, as the Jazz festival is really great, but had a drink with Isabel at this cool bar, where they play good flamenco for young hippy-ish locals, and is really nice and cheap (two beers and a Fanta orange for euro 3,60 !!! )

The idea was to go to the Jazz Picnic which had been quite complicated in previous years -either storms, or I was busy, etc... But we made it this time, and I'm really glad: really good atmosphere, sunny day, good music, crowds but relaxed, kids playing in the stream... I love this park, it goes through the town. In fact, I have often thought that, if I have to leave Barcelona, I'd probably go to live in Terrassa due to cultural movements and the Parc de Vallparadis.


Ooops... Friday already

so I'll sum up what You gals asked me to tell out loud. But must keep names back, as too many guys I know are checking my blog now ;) -It's no problem, Vel and Mary-Anne, you'll know who I'm talking about anyway :D

Well. Saturday night, after all our political work, Marina & I went to this disco, M., and who was there if it wasn't N., the cool guy I worked for a month with about 13 years ago, and who I bump into every now and then... And he was looking gorgeous!!

Watching him from the distance, and thinking how he was all over me the last few times I'd seen him, when still with my boyfriend, I was just starting to make my mind up when Marina caught sight of him too -I thought she knew him too, so we both went near him and danced with him& friends. He was flirting all the time, but jokingly, real funny. But as he is one of those dangerous Bad Boys I usually go for, and am supposed to be keeping away from for a while, I kept thinking...'hey, I've always had fun with this guy but never thought of going any further 'coz he's my style, and I should steer away from these guys' But the other hemisphere was going 'Hmmm, so close, so handsome, his hair looks really good like that, wow look at this, hmmm... He may be more like Joan -a Tame Bad Boy'

So I had to start looking somewhere else, and this other guy made eye contact without realizing I was just trying to get out of the way. I pretended to think N. was after Marina, so i let them alone as this other guy came to talk with me, got into a conversation and i found him fun. J., his name was, what's yours? -wow, nice name, never heard it before -I always get that. No, not always. About a 5% of the times I'll get someone who'll tell me of some other woman they'd met with my name.

Well, what are you drinking? -JB & Red Bull -cool, I'll get you some - he buys me an Estrella! Beer doesn't mix well with whisky, honey, but ok. I'll have it.

Got talking, and I could see over his shoulder how N. was watching my moves- and Marina came up to us after a while, N. still there... I started to quite like J., but was still peeping at N. every now and then, and making eye contact most of the times. Yes, back in Town!!!

Finally I went home with J., nice guy, not a B.B. nor even a T.B.B., so I guess I did right in trying to swift my taste. Shame I kept wondering why I hadn't said anything else when N. kissed me good-bye, really sexy, and... NO! No, maybe next time, but I was right in not jumping all over him the first time I see him without Joan around!

Well, J. seemed a nice guy, full stop. We had a good talk and laugh in the morning... he didn't leave 'till about 18:00! and then he sent me a couple of messages to meet during the week. 'Listen, don't you remember I said I have a son? can't go out that easily, just meet friends for lunch -hint, hint- during the week, and have some weekends off, not that many So I get a message going 'any time suits me, just call', blah blah. No, shouldn't be nasty, but it did sound, as Mary-Anne puts it, lap-dog-ish! -you know? dog people, cat people? He didn't like my cat around, too!!!!!!!!!! -Lenny from The Big Picture knows what that means: It's my cat, I said, and this is his home. And, of course, his pops have dogs, something understandable, whileas cats are useless. Went on about it just a bit too much.

Reminded me of Joan, my ex-boyfriend, also a cat lover -two cats have him as a pet- and how he always fears the girl he likes will turn out not to like cats!

Well. Got a phonecall too, him saying 'Whenever you have a moment, call me. Well, maybe some time I can't make it, but usually there's no problem (...)' Naughty me with Mary-Anne on the messenger following this transcribed!

Sorry, J.! I just get itchy when a guy is sooo easy!

That's why I'm on my own. O.K., O.k. I know. My fault, my choice. Remind me when I get lonely again :(

Change subject: Nate's being really honey-honey, really nice with me. Oops! Everyone to initials now: NW is being really nice. Sent some melting text messages... No, I don't fool around with him. I really like him, but can't see myself having a serious relationship with him. Don't ask me why. And I know he's there and has been waiting for me to be free again, and is really nice to me without being exactly a Nice Guy -my definitions. More like an Ex-T.B.B. become Sweet Guy. Lovely! Slurp!

Which reminds me: Hungry! bye!

Now, now...

What's going on politically? Check how Spanish Government Seeks to Document That It Did Not Lie About Suspects -unsuccessfully!!!

Actually, PP-the outgoing pparty that lied to us all- is sending Almodovar, the film director, to court for mentioning publicly a rumour that has been going round, that they had actually started a plan to take over the country, and actual coup d'état . I don't believe this being true, but the reactions at the PP have been quite pathetic: instead of laughing this off, or even arguing how pathetic we reddies are saying this, they actually want to prosecute Almodovar, who defends himself saying he was only commenting on what everyone was receiving on their e-mails -true, I got the message, supposedly coming from a daring journalist who didn't want to comply with the general agreement among the media not to let people know...

Hey, even Zapatero -incoming president- talked about this rumour and laughed it off!

We're seeing the birth of a new way to deal with elections :))

Jus't let's hope their phones are working

In any case, it's really amazing how disgraceful our PPolititians are...


Yes, back to my old habits...

Yes, seems I'm getting used to being single at last, and back to my same old self...

Boys, watch out!



Wow! look at this funny new stupid little thingy to waste your time on: Aurea and yet..Aurea Martin


Mary-Anne -Back Street Boys? Never admitted that one!

Hugo... the dreamweaver!? cool, let's see... Fuck! Notice how many times Google has Bernard referred to as "Bernard is unwell"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reading some of the definitions... It may actually be the Bernard, in this case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O.k. Enough. You go on checking your own stuff.

Stuuuuupid fun!!!!!!!!



Right. 5 minutes to tell the Saturday story.

Wanted to go to FNAC to watch Hay Motivo, remember? Had no kid around, had spent Friday night in, watching Paris-Texas on BTV and felt quite capable to have an active Saturday.

Got to FNAC just as film was supposed to be starting -my puntuality problem, sigh!- and, surprise surprise, there was no film on! Asked the security guy stood in my way, he sent me to Information (wow! how hadn't I thought of that? Thanks for nothing, big guy!) so I had to wait for a long queue of people returning stuff, and handing in Videotapes to get vouchers for DVDs. Sigh again.

No, many people have asked me the same thing, I don't know where you got that from, the film was for yesterday(...) I told her it was on the film's official webpage and she just looked at me blankly and nodded at the next person.

Bought the paper and saw it would be screened at Associacio d'Amics del Nepal, an association that has a good load of films going on, I used to get info at my email by the way, what the hell happened?

Phoned my friend Eva, supposed to have lunch with her, but she was nowhere for the 5 calls I made every half hour. Ate on my own and then I managed to talk: she was on her way to see her daughter play football, would I like to go? -her daughter is goalie at Barça for her age team. I went, so i could see her -it's not easy for two working single mothers to meet and chat- and got soaked as it was sort of drizzling, but I wasn't dressed to stand in the rain, I had planned a more intellectual day.

She was initially going to come with me to the Nepal association thing, but finally didn't -so I made my way there. As I was going towards the Metro -the Barcelona underground- I received my first mobile message informing about the news given internationally and how the Spanish government kept denying it. And the famous word of the day, PASALO. I guess enough has been said about this, but Spain was literally buzzing with text messages with the latest news and with appointments to go to bang hell opposite PP headquarters everywhere in Spain. Pravda had a good summary on this: Pravda.RU Spain: Everybody against Aznar

...and, just to get over this, two more links in Spanish for my friends abroad: Tension por las protestas de miles de personas ante las sedes del PP and Protesta multitudinaria ante las sedes del PP

So, a few more messages arrived during the afternoon, and when I got to The Nepal place, it was full up and no-one else could go in -quite a few people waiting. So I fumed a bit, and then went to a ciberpoint and spent some time watching the videos online and messangering with Mary-Anne. Finally got hungry and went to Fortuny, the bar my friend Marina works at and ate something while talking with her about the obvious themes: the deaths, reactions by the people and misleading by the government, and messages received. I smsd Xavi to see what he was doing and got his reply: "at the PP headquarters" -sms "you're joking?" reply: "we're making a revolution. Come!" talked to him and left immediately 4 support. Was bang-bang-banging 'till way after 1:30 a.m., when Xavi & his mates decided not to follow the group back downtown -they'd been banging since 8:00 p.m.!- and to go for a drink. Gay rights bar, fun. Then downtown, some off to Metro, gay disco, some off elsewhere... and who's just pulling the blind down at Fortuny, but Marina???

Cross the street and wave goodbye to Xavi etc, while making new plans with Marina. Sant Jaume Square for a bit more Cacerolada, 'till after 4 a.m., and then to a Disco.

To be continued... when I have another "5 minutes"

Well, guess what?

After a lovely lunch out with Korean Guy, who was leaving Barcelona for good as he'd made his mind up and wanted to work from Germany instead of Barcelona, and after saying good-bye on Friday and almost in tears for my good help... he just phoned to ask, desperate, if I'd handed back the keys to the flat I'd rented for him, as he has no flat 'till April in D'dorf and is coming back to our office!!!!

Haven't dared tell my bosses yet!!!!

MARYANNE is sending me oooold pics

... some of which you shall be able to see on this link, thank you MA!

Still no time to tell the world abou Saturday night flirts, but MA has had a laugh with her special messenger version ;D


Sorry. Too bad to ignore:

Just read this piece of news: The Spanish Government instructed its ambassadors to blame ETA and not Al Qaeda, whenever approached by the press!

Gobierno espanol instruyo a embajadores para culpar a ETA

...But don't think that it's all over

Must continue working together and not think that miracles exist. Shall probably get back to my more relaxed blogging, men, work, comics linked, etc... but I guess I'll be linking articles now and then, and interesting websites.

I started doing it more consistently because of elections, and then Madrid's attack, but the only reason why I wasn't doing it before is because I didn't use to have the links handy -and haven't got that much time usually- and I think it is a good way even to recommend the links to my friends, instead of emailing them everytime. So, last political promo for today: Antiwar.com

And to celebrate...

Shall start recommending stuff again, too. Mary-Anne -quejarse de vicio- recommended me this blog: Kristin Thomas Spam Poetry It's cool.

I'm celebrating by popping virtual bubble wrap at Virtual Bubblewrap - the original, providing bubble popping fun since 1996 as I have no champagne nearby to pop open... may try and meet some friends tonight.

Have just been playing some Bubble Music , too -managed to sound something similar to Frere Jacques!

Spain's Governing Party Is Beaten

In case you didn't know...We made it!!!!!!! Following Attacks, Spain's Governing Party Is Beaten

So we can gradually go back to different news and comments, such as Dilbert's marketing strategies or my success at Magic disco on Saturday night, after so many hours acting against PP government! (to be continued)



I was at the cacerolada until 1:30 a.m. opposite the PP headquarters in Barcelona, which was set up by email messages, sms messages and this website, catalan but with Spanish entries too, that was also involved: Indymedia Barcelona: newswire

There were thousands of people banging on tins, pans, with bicycle chains against containers, anything to make noise and make our message clear.

This is another website linked to the demonstration on Saturday night, where you can see some pics VilaWeb - Diari Electronic Independent

All the way the demonstration went, when aproaching 2 a.m. we started moving back to the Town Hall -Plaza Sant Jaume- people were amazed when, in their cars, etc, they had to stop at such hours for still hundreds of people marching, shouting, singing and banging on our pans and tins, and the reaction was always a big grin and beep-beep-bipbipbip on their horns!

People stood outside the music bars and pubs they were that Saturday night to see us pass, and clapped and cheered. Obviously, when we started to move from our main destination opposite the PP offices, and downtown to the Town Hall, we kept trying to buy some beers and every shop, petrol station or bar immediately close to the main demonstration had run out of them -we had been there for 4 hours or more, thousands of people, and many would leave for a moment and buy some cans to take to the friends... so we kept trying as we moved downtown, and I found a music bar where they didn't have cans, but offered us plastic cups full for only one euro!!! He saw we came from the demo and was happy to help, instead of charging average 3 euro per beer or more.

Even the neighbours who couldn't sleep were, in many cases, out on their balconies and banging too -if you can't beat them, or sleep, I guess...


Couldn't get to any screenings

Some cancelled 'cause of the terrorist attack, some too full and people waiting in the streets, so am watching them on the website I'd already posted earlier on this week.

Mary-Anne has just recommended me this article


Trying to contact friends just in case

It is no joke, had another warning and I've spoken to friends in the street saying there's police EVERYWHERE.

Sorry, no news in English, for you who can't read Spanish...

Wish me luck. Am not going downtown to get my son, he's going by car out of Bcn to spend the weekend with my parents.



Don't take the public transport! There are serious reasons to suspect another attack, this time in Barcelona.

And also to suspect it was not ETA, but Al Qaeda.

We work with medicine equipments, and are in touch with important people in blood banks, etc. and at our office we have been seriously warned not to catch any public transport this afternoon: either car, or walk.

Let's hope it's just a false alarm.

But I'm not joking, this is serious.

As you'll probably know...

...there's 192 dead and around 1500 injured -official numbers.

Which seem doubtful when they say officially that only 49 were in Intensive care yesterday, but people working in Hospitals and so on are getting different impressions:

Last night we had to stay 'till late, contacting and organizing to get supplies for hospitals -not only in Madrid, but elsewhere in Spain, as the Intensive Care Units (UCIs in Spain) are saturated. We had an emergency call from Cordoba, south of Spain, where they were receiving victims from the bombing, and they were running out of certain cables and connectors you change every so many patients... and our distributors are supplying equipment to the UCIs and Hospitals to cope with all the people in there.

For 41 critical states you wouldn't run out of supplies in Spain of certain components, would you?

We were contacting The States' offices to fly us cables etc urgently.

Today I've been phisically running around town to get cables and connectors from other companies to send to these hospitals.

And, to top it up, now there are serious reasons to think it was Al Qaeda, not ETA... or, as in a program I was watching last night, maybe a joint effort?

ELPAIS.es - Interior apunta a Al Qaeda y no descarta a ETA

Finally, I try and keep in touch with Mary Anne, she's got a friend missing. My family in Madrid is OK.

Ah, and with all the nerves and stress at the office... our server is not working and we can receive no emails to our company address, nor have our webpage working, so it was really hard to receive certain important information...

Guess how our bosses are right now?

Better sign off!


Latest news: 125 dead and 500 injured

Personally, I can't get in touch with my friends nor family in Madrid due to the telephone chaos.

I've read somewhere Europe shall make 11 March the European Day For Terrorism Victims.

Someone who called me from India for work, asked if i was ok or had some health problem: can't talk. Choking up tears every now and then.

Headline news from Sky News - Witness the event

Headline news from Sky News - Witness the event

Train Bombs Kill Spanish Commuters

At 11:00 there shall be a Crisis Cabinet, followed by a press release and an official speech and announcement by Mr. Aznar, Spanish President and considered by many responsible for the damage -see previous posts

Updated news: Train Bombs Kill Spanish Commuters

Aznar ante el Tribunal Penal Internacional

Left wing and others are asking for the vote so that we can take Aznar to court for all he has done to Spain, sending us to war without asking first, etc,

Sorry, Spanish again, but the moment requires this.

Can't even think of telling you about my personal life right now!

Yahoo! Noticias - 14-M.- Herrera pide el voto de los "pacifistas" para llevar a Aznar ante el Tribunal Penal Internacional

Yahoo! News - 60 People Killed in Madrid Explosions

Finally an English version! -though not updated...

Yahoo! News - 60 People Killed in Madrid Explosions

Yahoo! News - World Photos - AFP

My friend Mary-Anne -her blog Quejarse de Vicio is linked on the left- lives in Madrid. She's off to donate blood.

Can't use mobiles in many parts of Madrid, due to saturation in many areas, plus the petition not to use them so as to help the sanitary action work faster.

Hospitals aren't enough, there are improvised hospital units everywhere, taxis taking the injured as there aren't enough ambulances to cope... and there are most probably many more dead and injured still inside the trains.

...And, when you follow the comments on the web, people don't learn what's going on and talk about getting PP back again to kill the terrorists off!!! ... like this time, huh?

90 dead so far

According to this updated count Puedoprometeryprometo.com

More Spanish coverage: elmundo.es - Masacre en Madrid

At least 65 dead and over 100 injured in Madrid

A series of explosions in three commuter trains in Madrid has left the city paralized.

At 7:30 aprox., trains full of workers going to Madrid blew up and the city is in absolute chaos.

Our dear government has been so chuffed at catching two terrorists a few days ago, and saying they'd managed to stop a big terrorist attack in Madrid by this... they didn't even bother checking security in the trains, although they had seen the plans.

When ETA did the famous video, which I linked in my blog, the Spanish Right Wing gave it so much publicity and made it so important, they used it sooo much for their own political campaign, that ETA knows it's still the boss.

To read more, check ELPAIS.es - I haven't been able to see any news of it in the English news in Yahoo, by the way!


The political blog-based page I spoke about...

...Has done a small, interesting investigation, besides the big research going on every day: A young girl documented her direct visits to the three main political parties in Madrid, asking questions to see how they reacted to a young kid who was going to vote for the first time and was trying to decide who to vote to.

Quite interesting.

Hay motivo - Español

Visionad los cortos de Hay Motivo en este link, si no podéis llegar a ninguna proyección.

Hay motivo - Cortos

Hay motivo - The Videos

Through this link you'll be able to watch the 32 videos, in case you can't make it to the screenings -Vel, Elin, Hello! Remember your Spanish as you'll find it really interesting, I know you two!

Hay motivo - Video

The Reason

Gimme a reason to change things?

You want a reason to change?

32 Spanish film directors give you 32 reasons, having 3 minutes each for their short films. 32 problems, 32 situations. So many people wanted to collaborate, an initial idea for 6 or 7 clips became this long film, and people have had to be left out.

Spain is not as well as the Government pretends, and before the elections you should know what's going on.

Check it out if you have a moment. The film was made by a joint effort of over 300 people, working for free, and in less than a month as far as I know. They did their part to make things change, now you should do your part and vote consequently. Not voting does not fuck the system. It fucks you and all of us for the next 4 years, as it is usually the left-winged, anarchist, independentist, environmentally concerned, etc. who says "Fuck politics, I'm not voting". It's not the conservative, it's not PP, it's not the bankers, they do vote. Otherwise, how can you understand so many people in the streets marching against a government, and then this same government wins another election?

The people involved in this film have had all sort of warnings, and obviously have had no chance of TV screening... Yet screenings are all around Spain, in different organizations, pubic spaces, wherever someone applies for a copy for public screening.

FNAC is screening it simultaneously on Saturday 13 at 13:30h

Local televisions are also echoing the film

Can't do much else than recommend you to check it out, I'm going to try and get to FNAC this Saturday.

Interested? find out more at their page Hay motivo!

I may sound a bit obvious, but too many people think that by not voting they are going to make things change. And too many polititians are counting on this. Let's try harder this time.

Good luck.


Thanks for your pics, Mary-Anne!

Shall share some later on.

For those who are eager to meet us, Me and Mary-Anne on the train, years ago...

Had to buy a new pair of shoes...

...for Hugo, ashe's broken the last pair still wearable. Needless to say, it hurt!

Have finally found the utility for Yahoo Messenger, thanks to Mary-Anne, pastrocchiotto and havemousewillclick!

Specially Mary-Anne! :)


James Bond is too tall to be a modern spy

Poor James Bond is too tall to be a modern spy, as I read yesterday on Yahoo... silly news, just what you need first thing in the morning! Also had a laugh with the political picture gallery I found...

Saturday left me worn out...


Had lunch with Nate and a girl who is a friend of his and of Bernard, Hugo's dad. Fortunately she didn't realize who I was until about 7 in the evening, and didn't go on much about how he's changed and the bastard he is, and how it's very unlikely he'll ever be the same man...

Nate went joking about making a commitment, but then, as time passed and the conversation flowed with the glasses of wine, he kept looking at me every time he talked about this... Must learn to handle this thing about boyfriends and similar, too much stress and very little action.

I miss Joan around, less than at the beginning of course but not as little as a month ago... And he made me feel so good!

But the typical joke about becoming a lesbian is no solution, first because I'm atracted to men -and the wrong ones! -shhh! you girls!- and second 'coz life is not much easier for them as I know by my friends.

An interesting political blog I've just found

By the way, going through the news regarding the Gavioca game, I've bumped into this political blog Puedoprometeryprometo.com. The name comes from a very famous motto Mr. Adolfo Suarez, our first elected president after Franco died, had: I can and shall promise, in a liberal translation. Haven't checked it out completely, but it seems quite good, for what I've seen. Once again, only for you cleverclogs who can read Spanish, too!

And, so as not to be too serious on a Monday mornig, have a look and a laugh at your favourite Celebrities with and without makeup.

Have a nice Monday!

Another proof...

...that the right-wing politicians in Spain are touching bottom

It sounds funny. It sounds like someone's taking the piss. It sounds like a joke. But it's not: it is the real PP party, currently in the power and scared shitless after Mr. Worm-face Aznar's support of Bushy-boy's war games, after the biological disaster they've caused by mishandling the Prestige affair, and covering up the real facts up to now, after the plane that crashed with so many Spanish soldiers, and was later discovered to have been warned by many not to let it fly because it was too fucked up... after all this, PP guys 'n' girls are going mad, and attacking and insulting any other party that has a minimum of reputation -not that they have much left, either...

So, PP -I remind you, the party that is currently ruling Spain, not some local thingy- has come out with a board game to hand out to the press at meetings, etc. where, in the form of a modified Juego de la Oca, a popular simple game for children, it is demagogical to the extreme, it seems a fake! See a short review on it here gavioca video, though it's been commented everywhere for the last few days. There are, in the original game, good boxes and bad boxes to fall into -go on playing, miss a turn, etc. Obviously -too obviously for most of us- the good boxes have a motto or a picture of PP, and all the bad boxes are terribly condescending images of shattered logos of the other main Party. PSOE, that ruled Spain before PP with Mr. Felipe Gonzalez. The message is too ridiculous, see the board in PDF here Gavioca-the game it self

Shame on you, men!



Elin seems to be really happy in Brazil, and has added to her other languages -Norwegian, English, Spanish, Catalan (?)... Portunyol!!!

Love you, Elin, hope to hear more from you, though it is true that if using the web is as expensive as a meal, I'll just re-read your emails I've kept!

Hope you can get the dress, and mail some pic! With the horse, please! And the cat and the beach... It's so cold here now...

...Missing The Third Cat...

Mortadelo y Filemon -The Film

I'm looking forward to being able to see this film La gran aventura de Mortadelo y filemon, specially 'cause Mortadelo, actor Benito Pocino, is an acquaintance of mine -we've spent hours talking and specially, along many years, him trying to talk me into working for the Post, as he does, and me simply trying to make him understand it is not my cup of tea! In fact, I had been wondering why I hadn't seen him for a while... Mortadelo y Filemon was the reason!

The poster for this film was everywhere in Spain last year, and the actors were interviewed on TV, mags, etc. It was a really great thing 'coz it was based on a very popular comic, the real Mortadelo, that most people in their 30s and 40s read during their childhood and youth. And once the film was in project, they didn't think they'd find anyone to look like the character, a master in disguises, until after seeing 500 actors for the part, my friend Benito made his appearence at the Casting. He'd worked as an extra, and as a freak part in quite a few films and TV series, but this was his great day! And everyone was wondering if he really is this surreal or if he's faking -see videos of a TV interview- but he is!

Both actors were good for the part, but Filemon was already a profesional actor, and had make-up and false bottom. Benito actually is like this! And the film seems to have been good, too! -shame it caught me in one of those periods when I can not go to the cinema at all, for money and/or time/freedom reasons.

Right now I've been thinking of all this 'coz Benito has been in the news recently for a totally different matter: He's been involved in a big issue about Correos -the spanish Post- and its employment policy, asking for better conditions. So much for his looong talks on how I should have got into Correos too! By him being involved, the whole thing has been much more publicized than usual: El actor que encarno a 'Mortadelo' en el cine demanda a Correos, Benito Pocino demanda a Correos y Telegrafos, su antigua empresa...

Back to basics

Had legal problems due to our air conditioning system, and have had to dismantle it! Me talking it over with mad neighbour who is bored and keeps calling the police and the town hall to complain abut whatever he can think of.

Back to small heaters.


Awful Plastic Surgery

There's this website/blog I love , Awful Plastic Surgery, that is sometimes hilarious, and others even amazing, as in the case of my dear old singer from Dead or Alive, Pete Burns. Can only say I used to adore him, but he's gone way too far...

It's election time!

It's Estefania's birthday -the girl with me at the office is 30 today, so I sent her the BIRTHDAY JUKEBOX card.

And Election is coming closer in Spain, and the Election Rant by members of the current government is getting worse and worse.

There is Carod, this catalan independentist politician that, quite stupidly, visited terrorist band ETA to talk to them and make them see they can not go on killing people, naughty boys!. This politician then becomes part of the local catalan government, left wing/ecologist+socialist+independentist combination due to the sum of votes of three parties, quite an interesting combination and with quite a good mixture of members -needless to say, I'm glad it's my men who are in the local government now!.

So the Spanish government has attacked them saying that this Carod guy had talked the terrorists into stopping attacks in Catalonia, but not in the rest of Spain! As if things were that easy and you could talk ETA into stopping their attacks! Anyway, this guy has had to leave the Catalan Government position he had, and is now almost considered a terrorist himself by the right-wing and low-level politicians in the current guvernment. He has actually been called a killer, and has brought trouble to the local and national socialist party -not that the national one was out of trouble before!

Then, ETA found a great way to create even more discomfort, and emitted a communication, the famous "comunicado de ETA" everyone is talking about now, where they say, with their own paranoid reasons, that they have realized that Catalonia is also an opressed country and they shall never attack us again, but only the opressors, Spain. This has been so ridiculous, it has become object of all sort of jokes and comments, as it is really surreal. So we have had our Catalan government having to publish an announcement in all the papers saying that neither the catalan Government, neither the Catalan People, agreed with the terrorist methods and that we could never forget the killing of ... a list of catalan polititians, and terrorist attacks, ... nor of all our friends and family in the rest of Spain, nor of other Spanish Citizens.

How low can you get? Do the right-wing guys really think that the catalan Government has secretly pacted an agreement with ETA?

They are stupid and paranoid enough...

Audit is over, new nerves coming...

Had a visit with the paediatrician this morning, and had 4 phonecalls from work -one to my boss, to calm him down, and three from the other girl, frantic as he didn't stop phoning to check what was going on. There is this really nasty meeting going on today, which I'd prepared quite well, and that may end our relationship with a very important supplier due to their new policies. Yesterday my boss said, at about 18:00h, that they had realized it would be better that I were in Valencia for this meeting, too! I kept my cool, and didn't react much, and he said 'It would be quite a pain in the ass to make you come for the meeting, wouldn't it?' I said it would, so he said 'That's why we're telling you to'... and laughing he said there was no need, that they'd thought of it but would have given me a few days' notice, to organize my son's babysitting, etc. So, good job I stuck to my motto: Mind what you say to your boss!

By the way, a piece of news I laughed at yesterday: Ronaldinho smashes Santiago cathedral window For some reason, it reminded me of Mary-Anne!


BRAZUCA MATRACA, my friend Wagner Pa's band

If you ever have a chance to see or listen to these guys, do so... o.k., it's that Mestizo shit, mixed with Brazilian influences and other stuff... but it's really great fun, specially live!!!

And Wagner is such a great guy, he deserves all the luck he's having lately and the appreciation for his band. So that you get to recognize them, check BRAZUCA MATRACA and BRAZUCA MATRACA and WAGNER AND WAGNER PA... TO START OFF WITH!

I mean, Mary-Anne, it was you who reminded me of him on your blog, besides my 'flu!

We made it!!!!

...So now I can go for lunch, and shall have a Carajillo de Baileys to celebrate I'm not losing my job, for the moment!

Yesss, the Auditor has signed the Audit, the last document I managed to co-ordinate 4 people in India for, arrived just a quarter of an hour before the Auditor was going to leave the site!!!

Now my boss asks me to send e-mails to thank the people involved with our Audit documentation. I told my boss I'd already phoned the most relevant ones to thank them and he said I should thank them on his behalf, then. So... India Dances Celebrating our Audit!

However, I understand in Valencia they're celebrating it differently...

Phoned half of the population in Bangalore this morning, I guess

...And still trying to get the right document e-mailed.

Have had many versions, though, can't complain. Bosses are complaining, for sure: every time I re-send them to Val., to see if the new version solves our problem.

Got cell numbers for most of the workers at this company in India, too -as they are passing the ball from one to another, and giving me cells so I can get in touch with someone else and nag at someone new.

Shame I'm not an expert in this matter, otherwise I'd be able to do my job better. I keep reminding my boss how little I've been in the Company, and he can't expect me to be able to discuss certain things without checking first.

In fact, he hired me for my experience in International Meetings, and handling stress situations -as now- and he knew he would have to train me in the products themselves, what each machine does, what documents we need for each one, what components we get from who...

And now we're starting off with a new vet line, so I'm contacting a whole new load of possible suppliers...

Velenita, welcome to Barcelona!!!

Just got this e-mail from Velena, who may try and escape from frigid Denmark to our warm and lustful Barcelona (?).

P L E A S E D O C O M E ! ! !

Shall find the way round, sure!

Wonder why this happens?

As I had seen myself, and as Mary-Anne told me too, the background for my main table and the bubbly effect both disappear sometimes, then turn up again. Does anyone know why? and how to solve this?

I'd got into my blog again thinking of taking off these effects, so as to leave it plain and trouble-free, and saw it working again!

Problem with the Audit is rising, as the guy who should be solving it says he's not going to do as we need, so I'm actually scared of calling my boss to relate to him my most recent conversation until I see what he's sending me, and if it looks anything like a solution!

Also, he has a very annoying way of talking, probably in his own language he'll be nicer, but he goes on and on like a robot, without inflexions and without a pause to breath, so he doesn't let you cut him to differ on what he says. Plus, he's an Engineer and in charge of quality processes and Audits for that company, and I've just started to work in this field this January, so I'm not too confident sometimes when he starts to recite his mantra.

Wish me luck!


By the way... It snowed in Barcelona yesterday!

...Which makes the front pages on the papers, don't you laugh!!!

Caught Hugo and me on the mountain, the Carmelo -a mountain in Barcelona, above Park Guell, for those who know the town, so it was more fun!!!

As usual...

All hell breaks minutes before I should leave the office, after quite a dull morning. This is the problem when my boss is away. He wanted me to wake 3 people up in India -at midnight- 'cause he'd checked all the documents we had, and thought we'd be o.k. for the Audit, though missing some documents. The missing ones turned out to be vital and our Audit is stopped until we have them.

So I had the possibility to call US instead, but couldn't contact the right men -my usual problem, not only at work!?- and had to talk with other guys who knew nothing about all this shit.

My fault, according to my boss -his fault, as he was in charge of the Audit's documentation, and I did remind him how I'd discussed an email on Friday with him and he said we should be ok with what we had.

One last phonecall to the States and I'm leaving! Must rush to get Hugo!

Phone's engaged all the time... wow! look at this piece of news: Naughty nursery rhymes show tabloid tattle not new

Quite happy about my bosses being busy

But I'm really pissed off with one of the transport companies I used to work with, at my previous job, as we do not use this shipper here but need it for a one-off case, and I can not get in touch.

O.k., I can not call the guy I used to work a lot with, as he deals with truck shipments to Greece, and now I need them to collect something from Bcn Airport. But the official phone doesn't seem to work!

I'm trying and trying -and shall wait 'till it's time for my previous office to open and may call them for the phone number.

Been checking out a funny blog, I'd heard of it before, but can not dedicate too much time to going though it as it deserves -it has many links to what's supposed to be her family, she's supposed to be an Argentinian housewife and is now away on holidays, and left an answer phone on. Any technical problem she solves by asking her son, and her hints to doing things often have some line like 'ask your eldest son about the right size', etc. This blog has been going on for quite a while -actually, the whole thing is stopped for a while and not likely to continue- and is becoming quite famous: WEBLOG DE UNA MUJER GORDA -Fat Woman's Blog- that has become quite famous in the Spanish Web Community. But, in case you can not read Spanish decently, there is always its Chinese translation, pikachu ka Chu pikaa Pikapi -great 'cause your pc won't need the special configuration etc.

We're testing the thermometres we have in a box as 'Not working' -infrared forehead thermometres- to see if it's cause the battery's dead, as in many cases, or some default setting that is making us both seem to have a high fever. Considered telling our boss that Thermo Buddy 2002 is giving us a 37.9 fever at the lowest readings, and we must go to bed!

#@#%#@# Fast Web Counter!

The damn thingy is the reason why I lost part of my weblog for a few days!

Anyway, as you can see, it's got a new skin, also by May*star Designs, and perhaps even better!

...And, by trial and error, my main webdesign system -that's how I changed colourings and so on for my previous blogskin- I've realized it was 'cause of the counter patch I added!. I mean, I found out after almost losing stuff from sight again!!!-after adapting the skin for a while

In any case, I've got it stuck right at the bottom, and it's counting only since it was originally stuck on, a few days ago.

If you want to risk it, Mary-Anne, click on it and stick it, but do make sure you "preview" before saving!!!!!

Shall get back later on, wasted much too much time on this, must say.