Saturday left me worn out...


Had lunch with Nate and a girl who is a friend of his and of Bernard, Hugo's dad. Fortunately she didn't realize who I was until about 7 in the evening, and didn't go on much about how he's changed and the bastard he is, and how it's very unlikely he'll ever be the same man...

Nate went joking about making a commitment, but then, as time passed and the conversation flowed with the glasses of wine, he kept looking at me every time he talked about this... Must learn to handle this thing about boyfriends and similar, too much stress and very little action.

I miss Joan around, less than at the beginning of course but not as little as a month ago... And he made me feel so good!

But the typical joke about becoming a lesbian is no solution, first because I'm atracted to men -and the wrong ones! -shhh! you girls!- and second 'coz life is not much easier for them as I know by my friends.

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