Another proof...

...that the right-wing politicians in Spain are touching bottom

It sounds funny. It sounds like someone's taking the piss. It sounds like a joke. But it's not: it is the real PP party, currently in the power and scared shitless after Mr. Worm-face Aznar's support of Bushy-boy's war games, after the biological disaster they've caused by mishandling the Prestige affair, and covering up the real facts up to now, after the plane that crashed with so many Spanish soldiers, and was later discovered to have been warned by many not to let it fly because it was too fucked up... after all this, PP guys 'n' girls are going mad, and attacking and insulting any other party that has a minimum of reputation -not that they have much left, either...

So, PP -I remind you, the party that is currently ruling Spain, not some local thingy- has come out with a board game to hand out to the press at meetings, etc. where, in the form of a modified Juego de la Oca, a popular simple game for children, it is demagogical to the extreme, it seems a fake! See a short review on it here gavioca video, though it's been commented everywhere for the last few days. There are, in the original game, good boxes and bad boxes to fall into -go on playing, miss a turn, etc. Obviously -too obviously for most of us- the good boxes have a motto or a picture of PP, and all the bad boxes are terribly condescending images of shattered logos of the other main Party. PSOE, that ruled Spain before PP with Mr. Felipe Gonzalez. The message is too ridiculous, see the board in PDF here Gavioca-the game it self

Shame on you, men!

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