Pisssssed off, I am

No, my assistant is not going to have her part of our task done in time.

I guess it shall all fall back on me, as I agreed on her taking two days off last week. But how the hell did she go onto doing this other shit for september, instead of our basic task to give in tomorrow???!!!

Am not correcting the partial ammendments, as there may be major changes still and it would be useless.

But, of course, the R. A. Officers are now freaking out because they can't cope with tables in Word, and are wasting so much time adjusting format that they are not progressing in the real work, compiling information in the tables.

Sometimes I do wish I could start off some new Church. Talk people into my knowledge, get them to see me. Remember, Mary-Anne?

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Pistacho its me! dijo...

If you want to create a new church, you will need some more patience... :)
My english is not so good as your amazing spanish, but i hope i can express myself also here...

Pistacho Scienciologuist dijo...

Wonderful link!! Specially its worth to listen to Vin Diesel...

havemousewillclick dijo...

well well well

I hope your assistant does not have the url for your blog or you may be getting a nasty surprise !

hail hail