Hi, Elin, down in Brazil!!!

Joan just told me about Elin being in Brazil!!! Good for you, girrrl!
Have had quite a bad morning at work, with looooootssss and looooootsssss of phone calls and emails to see to, and really difficult to organize too -all to Korea, Taiwan, India, reply Korea again, check Taiwan... Val. boss phoning and asking for stuff all the time...

BUT I've managed to finish with The Coffee Saga: I managed to make my boss meet the Nespresso guy, and made them talk and sort things out... 'till Nespresso got my boss to sign!

Now it wasn't quite as bad, he said.

My boss told me later he'd realized I'd fixed the casual meeting, so as not to go on with The Coffee Business!

Anyway, cup of Ristretto, anyone???

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