Yessss, of course!

Nespresso coffee stinks, now, according to my dear boss.

It seems not to be the machine, nor the capsules, he was talking about.

I went straight into Nespresso's webpage in front of him, and showed him how I had contacted the official dealers through the webpage, and how the office coffee machines they offer was the one we had, and other ones in the same style and system...

But now he wants to go to a shop and buy a domestic coffee machine, Nespresso for domestic use -with different capsules- or any other make, or... CONTACT LAVAZZA AGAIN!!! After all, it was the best machine, he says, and all three coffees were more or less the same!!!!!

Can you believe it?

Yes, I bet you can, if you have ever had this sort of boss! (see Dec., 29th entry and link)

On the other hand, yesterday's visit was really stressful: not that bad for the Indian man visiting us, quite pleasant, but 'coz of my Big Bossy Boss in Valencia, who was here for the meeting and Unbearable!!!!

Started off by programming two other minor meetings with people from Barcelona, that could have been any other day, for the same morning, so Estefania -the other girl in the office- and I had to go to pick this guy up at the airport.

Her car would not start, so we had to use the boss'. Gulp!

Once in the car, we could not find the way to move the mirrors, and she could not see anything at all. Flashy computer screen and all that shit, more switches than in Enterprise... Had to phone my boss to ask how the f*** you move the mirrors, and couldn't do it even then, as he didn't explain it correctly -4 possible switches fitted his description.

So I was lucky enough to find the Instruction Manual of the car in the glove box and she was driving, me reading the instructions and pointing at buttons & switches!

Got there 45 minutes early, happy -tired from walking from the lousy parking space we found, after a long time going round and round the parking area- and went for a coffee after checking the flight was on time. Talk, talk, and suddenly I check my watch and it was 5 minutes after the flight's arrival!!!

Literally running, me grabbing the typical cardboard with the man and company names, to find out that the flight was now delayed... for an hour and a half!!!

So we went back to the car for a while, made some phone calls, went back to the area we had to meet this guy and...waited.

By the time the plane arrived, we went to the place were many other people were waving charts with people's names -funny how, when we had run to find the guy the first time, a man came up to me to check my paper, already turned round again as we saw the flight was delayed, and he asked me if I was coming to pick him up... Someone else was missing the flight by having too much coffee?

Anyway, flight arrives and people are streaming out -many flights at the same time- and we are checking everyone, making sure we are well visible... and these guys turn up, four of them, with turbans et all... no, it wasn't them.

He finally found us! For some reason, he came out from a different door and terminal!!!

We took him to the office, phoning bosses from the car to remind them that:
a) He had changed his plans, and was leaving that evening, not the next day, so
b) We'd better cancel the four-star-hotel rooms booked for him and Val. boss, and
c) Instead of flashy dinner, get booking a cool restaurant for lunch and cancel dinner reservations, and
d) Val. boss should also change his flight soon, if he wanted to be back in the evening, instead of the next day.
Got to the office, started discussions, got a cab to this really cool restaurant on the top of a tower, with views to the beach and the whole of Barcelona - Torre d'Alta Mar- ...to find that their trendy, modern and safe lift is not working and we have to go up on the lousy old lifts, for the tourists that go up the tower -not the restaurant. Lift opens to the splendid view of... a worker's ass, bending down just in front of us, and we had to jump over cement mixes, etc. to get to the stairs up to the restaurant itself. All this time, I'm distracting our visit's attention, talking about the escelent views, and really speciall cuisine... and apologizing for the right lift not working... 5 minutes later, my Valencia Boss told me to explain to Mr. xxx that the real lift wasn't working! I DO KNOW MY JOB, SILLY IDIOT! -No, I said Actually, I was saying that as I was showing him the views while we waited for the door to open to the restaurant -it is all top security-style, many confirmations every door!

Shall go on later.

Meal was cool. Great Suquet -fish and seafood dish, catalan.

Back to office and our visit might have missed his flight! He was sent off in a taxi, a bit too late to really be ok, but pushing it he might have arrived. i phoned his office to find out today, but they didn't know, as he is still in Europe.

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