El test del lunes. Qué tipo de ateo eres?

Un test rapidito de Ok Cupid hoy, para ver qué tipo de atea soy. Ya he hablado del tema otras veces, y con el tiempo he ido evolucionando de panteista en mi juventud a agnóstica, hace unos años, y a dejarme de hostias y rendirme a lo que me dicta la razón.

Imagen sacada de Death By Trolley

Como dice la intro al test, éste parte ya del presupuesto de que eres ateo. Si no lo eres, no es tu test:
First of all, you must know that this test is meant for folks who call themselves "atheists". If you are not an atheist, get the f*** out of here and go and read the Scriptures or blow up some infidels or whatever you usually do...
Me da la risa tonta, lo siento. Yo procuro no ser tan borde, pero me encanta esa actitud... sino, ¿de qué tendría a Poliwhirl entre mis mejores amigas?

El resultado me parece bastante acertado:

Clock bomb rebel

You scored 4 orthodoxy, 1 science, 1 fundamentalism, and 3 socialism!
The maximum for each variable is 5. You are a strong atheist; you regard yourself as being realistic: obviously, there is no reason to believe in God as... there is no reason to believe in fairies or the invisible pink unicorn. You will probably say to an agnostic: "Come on, man, get serious! How can such thing even be? Be a man of honor and admit it!" You are obviously on the right path: no miracle or other bullsh** like that will ever bring you back to church. You like to find out new things about science and you know, as I do, that evolution is right, or that the Universe hasn't been made by an invisible man living in the sky who punishes you when you try to do your laundry on Sundays. But that doesn't seem to be enough for you: philosophy convinced you to reject God. You enjoyed thinking a lot about the things around you and about the purpose of life and you understood pretty quickly that people who claim that God exists worship a logically inconsistent being. No one, even if he's a god, can be all powerful, almighty, all knowing and all loving at the same time. That was actually the last piece in the puzzle. Your view of the world is complete. Let's look at your social nature now: you seem to be gentle and tolerant towards other people's view of the world. You accept or you don't care about what others think, even if it's religion: you leave them have it their way and you don't despise them for that. "They may remain in delusion, if that's what they like", you might say. "Who am I, some god, to judge them?" When it comes to politics, you consider that only the State can bring more happiness to the working class and that all people should be provided the basic necessities, in order to live decently. You find religion to be unfair and that might have also been a reason for deciding to get rid of it, once and for all. Good luck in your proletarian life!

Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • orthodoxy Distribution
    You scored 4% on orthodoxy, higher than 59% of your peers.
  • science Distribution
    You scored 1% on science, higher than 18% of your peers.
  • fundamentalism Distribution
    You scored 1% on fundamentalism, higher than 25% of your peers.
  • socialism Distribution
    You scored 3% on socialism, higher than 42% of your peers.

Sex Pistols -Anarchy in the UK. SIN Sid. CON un Johnny desbocado.

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Poliwhirl dijo...

No había visto este vídeo! Qué graciosos, y qué poco miedo dan!

Pero creo que tenían que haberle dejado mear a Johnny antes de salir al escenario.