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Voy a colgar aquí un tutorial que creé como nota en Facebook para facilitarme su búsqueda en el futuro.

How to REPORT problems with your NC Creds and missing items

The Nightclub City discussion board  is the best place to go when you find you have trouble making an achievement, when you want to share your  opinion on the application or its updates, and when you find some odd bug in the game. You can take part in the hundreds of threads already existing or you can open a new one yourself, if you can't find one suitable to what you want to share. But, as there are hundreds of threads with probably thousands of users, if you want your comment to be read by a NCC developer you'd better post in one of the official threads, which are being checked and reported by Michael.

However, there are certain cases when you are advised, either by Michael himself or by fellow gamers, to contact the game developers directly, specially if you have to claim the missing NC Creds when installing the gamebar or when certain items go missing.

For some reason, it seems many people seem to have trouble finding the Report/contact this app link. It is slightly difficult to find, but easy to spot as soon as someone tells you where to look: right down, at the bottom of the page, below the game, ads  and all the rest of stuff, you'll find a link to Report/contact this app

Go right down to the bottom of the page!

Once you click on that link, choose an option out of the given list. Usually what we would need is the second option, Contact the developer of Nightclub City for information or help.

The second option will help you recover your missing items or creds

Finally, as with any mail or message asking for help, you will get better results if your subject line is clear and precise. If it has to do with NC Credits say so in the subject, or if items got lost mention it clearly -NO NC CREDS AFTER DOWNLOADING TOOLBAR or AVATAR IS MISSING CLOTHES should do- so they can search through the mails to work on the most urgent ones first. Make sure the e-mail you have registered in your Facebook account is the current one, as they shall get in touch as soon as they can through that email account, normally within a few days.

And one last thing: remember the developers are working, not playing, and might not reply to a mail full of insults and swear words -just as you wouldn't like that at your work!

Good luck! ;^)

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