El test del lunes: Esperanza de vida

Hoy voy a tomar un test que me recuerda a Roy* mirando la hora para ver si cae muerto. Sí, sí, un Test de esperanza de vida.

Parece que tenéis abuela cebolleta Okok para rato ;-)

*De hecho, cuando hice el test de Qué personaje de The IT Crowd eres, salió Roy!

Who are you, Moss, Roy or Jen? THE IT CROWD

You scored as Roy

you are Roy!!! you're an I.T geek. you work in the basement at Reynholm Industries + the people upstairs have no idea who you are although you long to be accepted by them. you know more about women + interacting with people than your best friend Moss does though. you live on junk food and appear to be eating most of the time. you read a lot of comics + wear computer related t-shirts that probably only other I.T men would understand.
"hello I.T, have you tried turning it off and on again?"







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ElGekoNegro dijo...

Me encantan los porcentajes de ese quiz, lo he hecho ahora mismo y son aún más divertidos: 60%Moss, 60%Roy y 20%Jenn: 140% IT!!!