How can men avoid getting accused of groping women?

Look. I've been trying not to answer this kind of questions, several versions in the last couple of weeks.

Men, this is not about you, guys, as victims.

It's about you guys, as predators. It's about you, guys, as accomplices.

It's about you, guys, chuckling quietly when someone tells you how they felt their secretary's boob.

It's about you, guys, looking out of the window as an old man gropes a teen girl on the bus.

It's about you, guys, laughing about going home with that drunk girl: “she's not the hottest but she's drunk enough to convince”.

It's about you, guys, asking why a woman didn't go immediately to the police.

It's about you, guys, saying “she's not even that hot anyway".

Guys, listen. If you want to become the center regarding rape culture, it's not going to be as victims. Enough is enough.

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