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A group of people in Spain have been working on debunking myths about sex and functional diversity. Over two years ago they started the Yes, we fuck! campaign to change people's conception of asexual, dependent and infantilized adults when thinking of functional diversity.  They have teamed up with social activists, sex workers,  post-porn groups and collectives that are working on political  problematics related to body and sexuality (functional diversity,  feminisms, transfeminisms, LGBT, queer, intersex, fat activism, etc.)

Now, they are preparing a documentary with six stories about sex and diversity:

Yes, we fuck! is a documentary that seeks not only to  address sexuality in people with functional diversity, but also a  project where people participate to communicate their ideas and, above  all, question themselves.
[...It] shows 6 stories about sex and functional diversity. They are real stories where sex becomes a pleasure weapon for the individual and collective people rights.
In case you are interested in helping, there's a crowd funding campaign going on ;^) Verkami projects: Yes, we fuck!

More info:

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