El cambio que necesitamos: Barack Obama, 44º presidente de EU. Primer afroamericano en la Casa Blanca

No tengo palabras. Se me saltan las lágrimas.
Estoy tan contenta que no sé cómo reaccionar.

¡¡¡¡Gracias a todos los que lo han hecho posible!!!!

Celebrémoslo. Nos va a afectar a todos.

Del blog de campaña:
Thank you.
You did it. You showed America -- and the world -- that change can happen.
Thank you for the miles you walked, the doors you knocked, the phones you rang, the hard-earned dollars you gave, the spirit you committed to this campaign. Thank you for never wavering, even when the days were dark, the clouds grayed the skies, and the rain poured. Thank you for tuning out the static of the cynics and believing in your power to change this country. Thank you for all the late nights and all the far too early mornings, for trudging through the bitter cold of winter and wading through the oppressive heat of summer to canvass in your communities. Thank you for the rain-soaked jeans, the mud-caked sneakers, the sweat-drenched t-shirts, and the snow-covered scarves and hats. Thank you for your patience; thank you for your perseverance.
Barack Obama and Joe Biden: The Change We Need | Sam Graham-Felsen's Blog: You did it!

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