Dad's recovering

Sorry for not writing for a week:
Been to a few second interviews, to some new ones too, and dad was operated on Tuesday.
At first it seemed he wasn't coming on well, it was heart surgery and when he woke up from the anesthetic he was thinking he was in a dungeon, he was there to die, etc, and was not helping his body to start working... but in a few days he is much better, most of the drainage tubes taken off, and less of the other tubes too.
As to my current job, the boy at the storeroom asked me to make him a cv, so he must be thinking of leaving too, and another girl in the office is leaving by surprise on Tuesday!!
She hadn't said officially she was going to leave, but some of us knew she'd been looking around, and her aunt has got her a position in the National Health -entering data, etc. Sooooo... the girl who started working here on Wednesday, to take over my position, has been sent to her table, to learn everything from her now, and hope to find someone for me soon.
By the way, the new girl in my office is also here because of influences, she knew our lawyer... Why don't I have connections anywhere????
Anyway, got loads of work to catch up with, as I took a day off for my dad's operation, and my work on the last two days has been s.l.o.w. because every step I usually do was repeated, written down and checked -not her fault, but it takes ages to make a single invoice like this!!! -Let alone explain the whole process from invoicing, chasing payments, checking cheques are good, and sending to insurance company those that are badly overdue... just to start replying to all their request then!
Shall get back as soon as I have a moment.

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