Yesterday's interview had to be followed up by a Feedback Form, which I couldn't get to from my work computer as it was a .doc, and we do not work with Office, but with old-fashioned Lotus system. So, after visiting a customer of ours whom owed us money since May -all this after my regular work hours- I got to my boyfriend's place, left my son sleeping on the couch, went to a cyberpoint to see to the mail and just caught them closing.

I explained -on my knees- that it was vital for a job it was after, and managed to sneak in and do it while he was closing... just to get him peek over my shoulder all the time and offer to send the attachment himself once I'd completed the form. O.k., o.k.! as the title says, but this morning, when I got to check my email together with my work emails, TACHANN TACHANN... I've got a message saying they could not read my attachment, it was in a strange format, and could I please re-send it in Word!!!!!

Finally solved by appologizing and asking them to copy & paste the form onto the email, so that I could visualize it.

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