Found out what was wrong with my Big Boss

After two days going mad 'coz I was with this feeling I wouldn't get my contract renewed, and seeing yesterday he was treating me normally again... I've finally found out what was wrong.

Seems like he didn't like the way I spoke to him the day I fell. I was in terrible pain, and would have gone home or to the docs if the office hadn't been closed, but no-one else was there so I had to stay -morally. Not legally. So I did them the favour of staying there, in agony, but could hardly move so I was just attending the phonecalls one at a time instead of jumping around from one phone to the other.

He complained to me that morning that he couldn't get in touch with us, and it seems I wasn't nice and friendly enough to our Boss when saying I was feeling really ill and on my own. He must have understood I was just complaining and huffy, and didn't like it. He is a bit of a bighead, anyway, so if you don't kiss his arse you are not being polite and businesslike.

So today, as my bcn boss was leaving to see to some visits, he turned round and asked me if I'd argued with the President the day my boss was off work, sick. At first I didn't remember any arguing, but then thought I knew what he meant. Knowing what the man is like, that was insubmission and a fucking rebellion. So I told him, well, it was the day I'd fallen, and would have really needed to go to bed, but stayed at the office 'coz no-one else was there, but couldn't do much. He told me about some complaint the President had made, about me arguing and so on, and he'd made it look like i'd been almost shouting at him, which a) was impossible, I could hardly talk, and b) my Bcn boss didn't believe, he said it just didn't sound like me at all.

So he just wanted to hear my version, and didn't say so but made me feel like it was ok now. He was kinda reassuring. So I think, hope, suppose, it's ok now.

So I was right at the feeling I had of my boss and the president discussing over my renewal of contract. It was just an impression, but I was right.




Big Boss is here

and it's something to worry about: there has been a couple of people sacked at our HQ last week, and I received a phonecall yesterday from someone asking after a job position similar to mine!!! It was someone asking after my direct boss, about a vacancy, and he huffed 'there's no vacancies now, I've got nothing to talk about' or something like that, and when I said so, she said she had been in touch with this other company, from our group and located at the HQ, in Valencia, and they'd given her this number and his name. The position she was talking about was mine, but then, why would she have to phone to another city???

It seems like my 2 bosses are arguing over keeping me or not.

I mean, I'm freaking out and I hope it's nothing, just a few weeks ago they printed a whole set of Business cards with my name on, and a month ago I was told that they were really happy with me. But my main boss, at the HQ, is very impulsive, and known to sack people easily. My contract expires end of June, so there might be some talking between the two bosses...

Shit!!! Been trying to locate the ad, on the jobsearch engine I originally found this job, but couldn't -not using any of our different firms' names.

And I saw today my boss here deleting without reading an e-mail from that jobsearch engine, but was it because I was there?

Or was it because he's trying to keep me at the office???


When I started blogging, I was looking for a new job because I was sick of where I was, though my contract was good, and I could have stayed there for years...

Might need to start again :(



At least this week I KNOW it will get worse: my big boss is coming to our Barcelona office for two days, kinda inspection, and we're not exactly sure what he wants.

And he's been sacking people at the headquarters lately... and someone phoned today here asking about a job offer, my boss said it was a mistake BUT...

My boss here seems happy with me. My boss at the Headquarters, the President, was happy with me, and said so to my direct boss a month ago. Has any of the bitches at the HQ made any comments? they have caused more than one secretary lose their jobs... the bitches being the President's wife, who has very little work to do and amuses herself giving everyone else extra work checking things out for the n-th time, and the Head of Administration, who has been working with them for years and is the President's direct assistant. If either of them decides you're out, you shall be out. And there's no way of knowing, as they're the typical double-talking bitches.

Sigh! I guess I'll have to start studying languages... Harrap's Rat-English Dictionary is a good start!

Lenny!!! Lenny!!!

Might make it to see Lenny Kravitz!!!!!!!

Love him, love him, love him!!!!

What do you mean you stuupid teenager fan groupie nuthead???? Hey, it's Lenny Kravitz, Hunkiest Man Sexy Mother Fucker And Also He Can Sing!!!!

eerrrmmm... sorry about this. But I have always had one problem or another when he's been in Bcn to sing, and this time he's coming just the last week of school classes -one more week and I'd have been able to go!!!! BUT it seems I might find a way to go. Been complaining publicly long enough to get an offer for babysitting or going with me, so I'll see if someone else shall also offer to babysit so I can go with this friend, or the other way on. But I hope nothing goes wrong... the one who offered babysitting is a tiny bit unreliable... that's why I'd rather go to the gig with her and leave Hugo with someone else... and I know who I'm gonna propose it to... but I'll have to be really sweet while discussing it

Weekend? what weekend?

Had a weekend without Hugo and many plans to make the most of it, involving -but not only- a) having a night out with Joan, my ex, as he's staying this weekend here without his gf, and b) hunting N., at the bar he said I should pass by, as he's usually there, or at the disco where I usually see him.

On Friday afternoon I get this phonecall from Joan, that he's had a crash and his bike is fucked up -about € 500.00 minimum to repair- and he's going to Emergency as he's not too badly hurt, but his hand is swolen and he's generaly bruised and scraped all over.

So I went over to see him at his place, later on at night, to find him signalling me 'shhhh!!!' while I was going up the stairs, as his gf is REALLY jealous about me. He was talking to her on the phone and didn't want any trouble by saying I was there, visiting. Talked and talked and laughed and laughed, were mutually concerned for each other's aches and pains... and I left, so he could go to sleep 'coz he was in a bad state... fortunately nothing serious, but not in the best shape to be partying.

Went downtown on my own, to the disco where I usually see N., but he wasn't there. Met a guy who was fun, but not the same...

Spent the whole of Saturday at home, dozing... waking... exchanging sms with Joan... sleeping a bit more... waking... cook a bit, eat half... and was going to go out at night, but was i in a silly same mood by 3 in the morning!!! got partly dressed about 5 times, just to go 'Hmmm... no, maybe not' ... and after another half hour, 'or yes? yeah, I'll pop downtown a bit'... just to stop half way through and think 'No, not worth going downtown now, I'm really tired... but I want to see people, I'm sick of being in here, on my own...'

I finally went to bed around 5 a.m., and received a sms from Joan around 6, giving me the details of an Afterhours he'd been telling me about. But not saying whether he was there or just thinking I'd be out and about and looking for somewhere else to go to.

Later on, around 9 and 10 in the morning we exchanged some more sms, me still half asleep all the time, him seemingly awake... but I didn't understand whether he'd been out or not, and he wasn't sure whether I was still awake or already awake!

Yeah, the story of his life... and of our weekends when together. Sigh!

By the way, it seems like someone got married in Madrid this weekend, and it was quite a big affair. ermmm... wow. Gee. Great. Long live the Ex-Reporter, or something. Yeah, still half asleep. Some bug probably.


Monty Python Mailing

How else do you find out about the new Mr. Creosote Vomiting Figure, from The meaning Of Life? I swear it would be a great prezie for my sis, being one of our favourite gags...

...or the Black Beast of Aaarrrggghhhh with voicechip from The Holy Grail... or the great Monty Python Killer Rabbit... quote the description on the new version:

The new, boxed version of Monty Python's Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth (from Monty Python's The Quest for the Holy Grail). This item is plush and features details from the special world of Monty Python.

Rabbit with big pointy teeth...really big teeth. And pointy. I mean, just look at the chompers on this bunny. It'd mangle a man in seconds, that rabbit. Just let him out of his protective casing and he'd do you a treat, mate. I mean really, take a gander at the sheer size -- not that end! --of that rodent's canines. You mess with him and you'll be sorry... CAUTION! Sharp Pointy Teeth! Remove with care. Better yet, don't remove. Personally inspected by Sir Bors. Would have been personally approved by Sir Bors too, but...Added Bonus! Digestive tract of rabbit includes Sir Bors.

Perfect for a silly Friday-working-till-3 day, waiting for the clock to stike Weekend :D


Just what I was looking for. Hmmmm.

how do I swear in foreign languages from insults.net

Well, got the link from my friend Mary-Anne's blog and first thing, it seemed very her. Haha, true! Still have nightmares about her yelling abuse in 5 languages through her car window... or from her moped, while we passed at a sluggishly slow speed among drunken hooligans in Lloret...

Then thought how do I swear in spanish from insults.net was what my Bangla friend was asking for, and it may also help Vel and her multiracial friendships... ;) how do I swear in hindi from insults.net -or maybe not hahaha!


I'm sticking to my words

As promised, really stooopid or wildly open sex invitations on IM are going to be blogged.

Profile:casadobcn2004's Yahoo! Profile

Message suddenly blinked onto my PC: casadobcn2004: Busco mujer o pareja para sexo real HOY en BARCELONA, soy hombre de 43 años, bisex, me gusta la lluvia dorada, pero si a ti no te gusta, no hay problema, enviarme privado, tengo cam.

And it was in a huge writing, at least 16 or so, in case you did want sex but had left your glasses in the kitchen.


Vamo' a ve', un poquito de po' favo'

...as they say in one of our favourite sitcoms, Aquí no hay quien Viva.

Yes, Joan -my ex- and I have become used to this Wednesday Night ritual: a warning sms from the first one of us to remember, so we don't miss the series, and then between 15 and 20 sms each while we sit, each one at our own home, watching the series. One of our favourite characters is Emilio, the caretaker, who has a special way of talking that we had always taken the piss off, even before this series existed... and our motto is now this expression of his, Vamo' a ve', un poquito de po' favo' -Let's see, a bit of a please, literally, and which he uses when he's trying to get everyone quiet in the middle of a fight,or stopping an arguement, or when organizing the situation during any of the catastrophies happening daily in this sitcom.

Last night I had a bit of a 'lover overbooking'. Again. Had been exchanging sms with my ex, ready for the series to start, and then I got a phone call from N, who was coming round to stay the night. About 10 minutes after, I. phoned - a.k.a. My Little Pony, a.k.a. Cinderella- and it sounded like he was quite free and we haven't spent much time together the last ten days, so when he started asking what I was up to I told him immediately that N was coming round, so he changed subject and said we'd talk tomorrow. Smsd it all to Joan, and he was laughing his head off, and said I'd need Emilio to organize the queue!!!

But then he kept sms-ing me, even long after the series finished, to find out if I was still on my own, and then to take the piss out of me and drive N mad with all the messages I was receiving

Funny, though, how N is becoming jealous... he never used to be! He's not my boyfriend!! and J was saying he'd be wondering about him, and jealous, while N was saying it was J who was jealous of him, and missing me, and sorry not to be there instead of him...

N says I should know men better by now, and though we're supposed to be good friends, an ex is always jealous, and a lover too, even when they try to act cool. So I shouldn't be telling each one of them when I've been around the other one.

Which is, basically, what I have always done and have asked my lover/friends to do to me. Just keep things straightforward.

Right. The Conversations with B.

Remember how I'd said that Hugo's dad, B. suddenly started phoning me about a month ago, and though pressing me into helping him to sort out his legal problems, by making me feel guilty for him having to go to prision for what he did to me over two years ago, which basically was destroying my flat, kicking my front door open, smashing almost every window in the house, throwing furniture at me while threatening me to death and by all this shit causing in Hugo a fear to sleep in that flat, where he'd been brought up ever since he was born, and urging me therefore to go live with Joan for a while instead of fighting back to stay when my landlord wanted us out.
Then there was, of course, months and months of nasty phonecalls, insults, shouting, and threatening. So I went to the police twice, and he'd finally got a sentence of a year in prison, which he won't do for being a first offence -but that will mean he'll have to watch out now, as he's got a first offence and the next one would be prison!- and paying abour € 1,300.00 or so, but at a pace of €60.00 per month 'till he gets it done with, so it's hardly stressful. Well, he got it wrong -surprise, surprise!- and thought it was now € 2,000.00 all at once, or else 2 years prison. And he said I could withdraw my words now so he'd not have to pay it.

Well I'd been talking with my lawyer and, though he has a restriction so he shouldn't come close to me, he's not been violent or offensive, so I didn't want to go through asking for a phone restriction, too, as was suggested. I thought I'd try and make B. see what he really had to do, and not let him make me feel bad about anything.

Then, last Thursday, I bumped into B. and had to listen to his story, and be nice so as not to get into arguing and/or fighting in front of our son. Who, by the way, saw his dad is no longer what he remembered from his 'golden days'.
B. was trying to make it feel like he'd gone mad one night, and I'm making him pay for that only night -which I would have dealt with differently, for sure, but wouldn't have let him off even if that incident had been only once. It was really scary, specially as I know things about him, about the fights he's been in, how he carries a knife often, and so on. But it wasn't only that night... he could have phoned a day after, or a week, or a month... to see if we needed help in repairing the door and windows, to see how Hugo was after all this... And he certainly didn't need to harass me with really nasty phonecalls, up to 5 or 6 a day, until I finally gave in and paid him around € 1,200.00 which he reckoned he'd spent on his son and wanted back now. Once I paid that sum to him, he stopped the phone calls and just called once every 6 - 8 months to remind me he didn't want to see us ever again :D

Anyway, he was offering to help me with Hugo again, to give us some money, to go to collect him from school and all that shit... I reminded him that before seeming Holier Than Me for giving Hugo some spending money, he'd better pay me back the €1,200.00 he'd got from me... and to take it easy with the Family Reunited shit until we could start trusting him.
On Friday we went -Hugo and I- to his shop, to check the papers, and Hugo didn't really want to go: he begged me to hurry up once we were there, and to get out as soon as possible, and 'If he tries to touch you, move back and don't let him, please mom!' But B. had a good hattrick: he got his 2 daughters to come and visit, so Hugo stayed playing with his long-lost sisters and didn't want to leave... so I had about 4 hours to deal with the people turning up at the shop going 'OOOH HUGO, how long since I last saw you' and 'That's Hugo, right???', and so on, and B. always explaining the family was all together again now, and how it had been 'a small family disagreement' that had caused Hugo not to visit for two years... and making me look like The Bitchy White Girl Who Drops Visiting Her Black Ex And Tears Him Away From His Son Only 'Coz She Now Has a Brand New White Boyfriend. He even got a hug from Hugo!!!

Well, I did manage to get him admit I'd been through a lot more than he'd originally admitted, and that I'd been right in calling the police and going through the court etc... -and he was definitely going to change now, and was giving us time to realize how he was reliable again...
But I had to please please go on Monday and help him not to be jailed, please please do this one thing, go late to work and help me or I'll be in jail for two years... 'If you don't see me here on Monday I'm in jail, and I'll phone you from there so you know' -all of this in front of the three kids, so that they could all say I was taking him to jail.
So I did go on Monday, had been sent by him to the wrong building and after waiting for 45 minutes at the place where I'd been declaring so many times, I found out where I should go and by then he'd been and gone, and every little detail was just as I'd said :D All this time I'd been phoning him to check the right place -as I had phoned him so many times during the last few weeks, to get no reply and him saying I hadn't bothered- and realized on Tuesday he'd changed his mobile, and I didn't have the new number!
Of course, I've been talking about this to my friends, I haven't told Nate about it yet 'coz they used to be friends and it's a bit dodgy to tell him when B. is being a bastard, so i didn't even tell him anything last night when he was at my place... but I have told I., and he was worried I might have B. wanting me back -' =)) hahahahahhahaha' was my reply! I said anyway, he'd probably disappear as soon as he's not worried about the jail shit.

This morning got a call from a mobile I didn't know. B. doesn't think it would work out, Hugo is being strange towards him -what the f**k did he expect!!???- and he really doesn't know if it's worth trying it, going through visiting him as I'm sooo busy. It's not the same when you're single or when you've got a boyfriend -yes, he thinks I'm still with Joan and I guess it's safer that he keeps that idea, a macho man respects a woman more if she has a man behind her...- so, between working and my boyfriend and Hugo, I don't seem to have time to dedicate to visiting B. And I should watch out, as Hugo seems a bit sad, his only good times in his whole life were with B. I SWEAR HE SAID THIS!!!

Anyway, as I wanted to just make B. know I had been to check out his sentence, though we hadn't met there, on Tuesday I told Hugo we should go see his dad and he didn't want to go. Not at all. Only if his sisters were going to be there.

Aaaahhh... not to worry, then. But now he's had a taste of seeing his sisters again, and the dirty bastard is pulling back again. Don't know how to explain this to Hugo.


Great. Gmail Error

After all. Started getting all my e-news etc sent to gmail, my official stuff that consumes space... and ta-da... error and can't even try to log in.

Wish it were my biggest problem right now...

Yet, although I still want to go on ahead and tell you about my conversation(s) with my son's father, and how he was saying out loud in front of my son and his other 2 kids that if I didn't help him, he'd be in prison today, Monday 17th... it seems I've been able to find out the truth behind it all.

I was right about the terms of the sentence

I was right about it being a warning for him to turn up and start paying

I made the most of my morning off to go see the doctor about my back, and find out what's going on.But he did go and solve it himself, me waiting in the wrong building for him and finding out later, when cussing him 'coz he didn't answer to his mobile... I managed to find out where I should head to ask about the terms and the exact figure he's gonna pay.


It'll all make more sense soon, when telling about it all.

Ah. By the way, my back is still hurting. Got a cream, and some more pills.

Need some days off.


Bumped into Hugo's dad

Knew I didn't want to meet my friend at that bar, told her so, don't take Hugo there, it's risky...

So, off she chirps, We're at Bahía, come round, we're here with the baby...

No! Not there, please, you know I don't want to go there...

It's safe, girl! Haven't seen him here for ages...

And his mates are there...

Nah, no problem!

Had to go down that bar, then. Passing just in front of his shop, by the logical way to go there, or really close any other way.

Went the long way round... just to find him standing at the entrance of the bar.

Shan't go through the three @#@$% hours I had him around, insisting in walking us to the underground even.

Playing poor victim of racism.

Playing Mr. Nice Guy who made a Faux Pas.

Pretending not to remember half the things he'd done to us.

Yeah, at moments we were laughing, managed to talk about things in a light way, friends and stuff. Trying to make it easier for a while. Not too harsh onHugo, with us. But I'm not forgetting.

And not letting him pretend he forgot, either.

Weekend plans based on Malena

As always, cancelled.

Last week:
Male: Come round for the weekend. We can go out. We'll go to Sitges
Me: Got Hugo this weekend. Do you still want me to come?
Male: Well... errrmmm... I haven't got my sons this weekend and kinda fancied going out.
Me: O.k., no prob.
Male: Or you could come round on Friday, then I'd go out on Sat night, and we have dinner and laughs on friday...
Me: Fine, so we do that!
Male: Just let me confirm on Thursday night


Thursday, Last Week:
Male: Oh, better come next week, I'll have my kids here and they'll look after yours while we're out
Me: Sure. Dare I tell Hugo, or should I wait?
Male: Nooo, go ahead, we're definitely doing that
Wednesday this week:
Me: So, we're going on Friday, but not staying the weekend. Mum's in hospital and I should go on Sat night or Sunday for lunch with them all.

Male: Ooohhh, well. Fine, Friday night you and Hugo.

Wednesday, later that night:
Male: I've decided yu'll sleep in xx's room with Hugo, and both my kids will sleep together in xx's room...
Me: Fine
Male: Instead of you in the guest room, as usual, better?
Me: Hey, I just want to see you and have dinner and two bottles of wine.
Me: Each.
Male: Hahaha, yeah, o.k. But let me check on the kid's plans and confirm tomorrow.
Me: I'll kill you
Male: Nooo, you're coming anyway, no problem.

Wednesday night:
Me: By the way, Carlinhos Brown -cool webpage too, click on the hand to enter...- is playing for free in Bcn on Sat, so if I dont go to see my parents, I'll definitely go to see him.
Male: Oooooooooohhhhh, yeeeeesssss...
Me: You know Carlinhos Brown, right?
Male: Yessss
Me: ?
Male: Well, yesss, we can go on Saturday with the kids, if it's at 8:30, fine, we'll come down to Bcn with you
Me: You'll like him. Trust me. Got it right with Ojos de Brujo, didn't I?
Male: You got me. Don't know him. I think.
Me: O.k., talk tomorrow, but I'm coming on Friday
Male: Yes. Bye.





Thursday night, late (for her standards)

Me: [mobile's answerphone] Male, I'm going with Hugo and I'm gonna be at your place around dinner time. Say something.



Me: [Landline's answerphone] Malena!!!! I'm going to your place -right???? say something!!!


Thursday night, 20 minutes later:
Male: Hey, did you ring me?
Me: Yes
Male: Are you at home now?
Me: Yes.
Male: I'll ring you right back.




Friday morning:


Friday lunchtime:

SMS from Male: Got serious problems with xxx (her teenager son), family meeting tonight, school problems, I'll tell you later if we're going to Bcn tomorrow

:P times ten

No mention on sorry I fucked you up just as you're getting on the train almost oh my dear friend.

Not the first time she's done it, either.

oh, well. Eva!!!! What's up?


Seems like Messenger's part of my life now...

I mean, I met Cinderella boy through it, and am in daily contact with friends and shit like that. Met people online I don't know in person, but are really cool, too. Get the odd perv. on, as you know, but it's worse when they're next to you on the bus or at the disco... there's not such an instant 'Ignore' effect!

Well. A couple of weeks ago I posted about my worst date ever. It was this guy I'd been chatting on the mess, and it turned out to be really uncomfortable, and an asshole, a complete dickhead. Shame, we'd been on the mess for weeks, coments on work, general talk every now and then, daily basis 'good morning :D' and so on.

Since, a few days passed before any communication... and then I broke the ice, half laughing at him, to find out about his new job-almost sure. That was it, since, a few -very few- messages, every 2, 3 days... but not the fun obviously.

Well, this was on April 30th, I mentioned it on May 3rd post... and just today the guy has been online to tell me the definite day he's starting at his new job... and to apologize for that day. He sounds honest, and sorry... and awkward. I said it was ok, it's over now, but then he tried to give excuses for his attitude and to ask if it had not been too bad... so I told him it stank. But I'd managed to save the night anyway... with a friend.

'Tis strange how people use their tools, how people use messenger to find info - I've had people finding out facts about BCN, for instance, before a trip- or to meet people to talk to... many are just a few comments, or a few days, but some have become friends to me... then there's all these idjiots looking for arguements, freaking you out, and so on. Hell! a guy told me the other day he'd seen me at such-and-such bar, and recognized me!!! he'd been on the mess and insisted on me seeing him on the cam, which I did for a while and laughed at his short sightedness, could see him going up to the screen to read what I'd say, so i was changing the types...anyway. Dunno what I'm going on about. Must be the medication for my backache, guess.

My name is x and I like to obey women

do you want me to strip for you? I've got my webcam ready.

And the Messenger notification of webcam invite.

This has been the latest weirdo on messenger. He's beaten the ones who turn up on you to give you all sort of details on what they'd be doing to you, if they could reach... or those who have on their profile a pic of their huge dick :P or say directly they are looking for some woman who'd like to have sex with them when they come to Bcn... but seriously, this one's new!!!

Decided that the next time one of these really pushy, aggressive guys blinks up on me, I'll post their profile, to make them public.

I've been tempted to post some approaches that have been hilarious either by the weird English or Spanish they've used, or for the profile they had... but felt bad about it and just forwarded it to some friends.

But the next nasty guy shall be published. As if it made much difference :))


'If I weren't in hospital myself, I'd come round to look after you'

She actually did say these words!

Who? well, who else but my mother could say this line???

Let's see... She's just had a hysterectomy, yesterday. Has relatives and family there all day long, refused my offer to take a day off work and go for the op. Fine for me, too... I just phoned her again, she's really glad I'm on the phone about 3-4 times a day to make up for no visits -they don't live in Barcelona, so it's a matter of a 90-minute-train-trip to see them anyway. Listened to all her talk about who has phoned her, and who has visited, and who has brought her which presies, and... after a loooong loooong soliloquy, which was my best proof she's feeling better, she stopped a sec. to ask how was my day?!

I told her about my virus and my fall, and she gave me that classic reply!!! Followed up by the boring ...shame you don't live here (in their 2-storey-house, with mom, dad, granny, sis and brother-in-law!!!???) so I could help you in these cases, look after Hugo, bring your lunch to your bed...

HEY!!! Remember she's the one in hospital, and I've not fallen in about 9 years!!! Mind you, she does fall over quite often, though, and so does my granny, which makes me think...

Hell, no!!!!

Next thing I'll know, I'll be phoning my son and offering to go to his place and give it a spring clean, and asking him if he has a girlfriend yet and what was wrong with the last girl I'd heard his friends talking about?

Which reminds me: Check what you say, Mary-Anne, if you happen to phone my mom... she's always trying to find out names, and has questioned me in the past about Luis because you'd mentioned him, and she'd phoned Oliver quite often at a cetain stage, to ask him if Bernard was always stoned or only when visiting he, and stuff like that.


Guess it's a blogger's MUST, so there it goes... Still feeling down and dizzy from this virus going round the office, hurrying to open this morning as my boss is off work and in bed, and the other girl is away on a visit, I rush into the building to get in through the side-door I slipped on the just-waxed floor and thumped on my back and coxis!!! took me minutes to be able to move, and had to fight off the cleaning lady, who was offering to help and repeating 'Were you coming down the stairs? were you coming down the stairs?' as she hadn't seen me fall nor realized what had happened until she found me on the floor and speechless... Actually I was worried when, after my first instinct was to roll over onto my knees and get up, I found myself unable to move, on my knees and almost unable to talk!

I managed to get to the office, only to hear the phone going like mad, and my Big Boss shouting at me for not picking it up before, and me so achey and confused I could not really talk to him... so I said I had been on the phone to someone else, and told him an average conversation we have about 8 times a week, so it was totally credible, and only just now -3 hours later- could I face telling my boss the real story.

The technitian came in and saw how I was sitting and moving strangely, hardly talking, and asked what was wrong. After hahaha-ing about offering a 'helping hand' and a 'massage' and 'some warming up' on my bum, which is the least painful part of my body right now, he did go to the chemist for me and got me some stuff.

So I'm taking it easy... and laughing at thing such as this, or this, or this, or this from Engrish.com!

Had also been going through Chinese Tattoos stories... all thanks to my severe addiction to little. yellow. different and the search through its archives...


Must do something moneywise...

Got some money lent about a month ago, to pay my son's school debts, and am being asked to pay it back now. Which I knew I'd have to do, of course, but can not do right now... Unless I go for an extension on my Instant Credit scheme, which I didn't want to do.

But, in that case, I'll be able to pay off some other debts, and try and keep some extra cash for June, see if I can make it to a Weekend in London or so.

Xavi was trying to tempt me into going off with him for a long weekend if we found a cheap flight somewhere, and camp wherever... but people don't seem to understand what I mean when i say I can't afford it!!! they keep thinking I'm exagerating!!!

Still, I may try and do something with Xavi, I think we'd have fun on our own for a day or two, like in The Good Old Days when we were sharing that tiny flat...

Idle Monday...

Had a bug or something, felt sickly on Friday, not-too-well during the weekend, and quite sick today too... Fortunately, my boss has the same bug, so it has been an easy-going Monday, just keeping up with stuff, not too much work -translating the Instruction Manual, dealing with e-mails as I receive them, basically on a semi-stand-by...

So I could chat a bit on messenger, and check my favourite blogs again... By the way, another amazing blog I'm discovering, Orsai, is more on the literary side... stories, well written, but in Spanish... so not for all of you :(

In South American Spanish, by the way, or at least some entries are so...

And the truth is I haven't read that much of it, but what I have is really good. Check it, Mary-Anne!

How (Not) To Celebrate A Birthday

Step One: Do (Not) tell two of your best friends to think up some cheap-ish but tasty dinner to make at your place

Step Two: Do (Not) tell them to bring along their kids for dinner, planning to stick the teenager ones to look after the 8-yr-old so you can go out with your friends

Step Three: Do (Not) change your plans in the last moment, and send your teenage daughter off with her boyfriend for the weekend, forgetting to tell your friends

Step Four: Do (Not) decide that, as your daughter won't be with you on your b-day, you might as well go out for dinner with your mother

Step Five: Do (Not) forget that your two best friends are already planning the dinner they are supposed to be cooking in a few hours' at your place

Step Six: Do (Not) forget that one of the said friends is counting on your daughter to babysit so she can celebrate your b-day with you

Step Seven: Do (Not) laugh out loud when the said friend phones you to ask what time you should meet and should we go straight to your place with the food

Step Seven B: Do (Not) say you are having dinner with your mom, so we shall meet later to go out dancing, forgetting your friend is stuck with her kid now

Step Eight: Do (Not) say 'Well, you can come and have dinner with my mom and me, then... if you really want to'

Step Nine: Do (Not) be surprised when at least one of the two friends gets pissed off and says she's not coming for dinner

Step Nine B: Do (Not) be surprised at the other one turning up with the kid and the presie, but huffing and grumbling about not being able to go out later on thanks to the new plans...

Step Nine C: Do (Not) be surprised at the friend who is able to go out with you later on, when she says she'll be a bit later than expected, seeing as she has had to change her dinner plans

Step Nine: Do (Not) be too nasty to the guy who phones you up to go see to your comp now, as his friend is ill and he's had his Friday Night Plans cancelled.

Step Nine B: Do (Not) show off too much by saying it's your b-day and you're celebrating it with some friends, but not asking him if he wants to join you

Step Ten: Do (Not) feel too hurt when your friend who is taking ages in turning up, mad as she is 'coz you changed your plans, finally sms you to say she's going to the cinema, after all, and shall see you some other day

Step Ten B: Do (Not) spend all your money in buying a phone card for your mobile, trying to get your friend to come downtown to you, and have no money left to pay for the dinner

Step Eleven: Do (Not) count on your mother carrying money on her either, as she'll be using plastic in a trendy place where they don't accept it

Step Eleven B: Do (Not) forget to say thanks to your broke single-mom friend who ends up paying for everything, while waking her 8-yr-old up as he fell asleep at the restaurant

Step Twelve: Do (Not) eat your words back and phone that guy to see if he still wants to mend your PC after all

...And, above all, Do Not Blame Anyone Else But You!!!!

well, surprise surprise!

Just came into Blogger to jot down some stuff and... Taa-daaa!!! I find this whole new format and stuff!!!

Don't know about you lot, but it seems it may work better now, not having to surf so much to find the extras...

By the way, Hi mousey boy, Comments added due to popular request :P

What I haven't found out yet, and is of great interest, is How The Hell Do You Create An Archive By Subjects???!!! I've been thinking of making an archive according to some of my main subjects/moods: The Coffee Hunt, Political stuff, Work Shit, etc... Any help anyone?


Should start believing in Santa again!!!

Right, talk about blogger community and all that shit. Talk about e-brotherhood/sisterhood and talk about what a useless load of narcissistic wankers we bloggers may be... but through blogger it was that I found out about GMail, and through blogs and comments on entries it was that I found out that it was actually working for others, and through a chain of comments in a blog it was that I found someone offering Gmail accounts, as a worker who had more account invites than friends to share them out to...

In one word, THANKS!!!! People like you, Trisha, make us feel like contacting strangers asking for and/or offering help -Once again, THANKS!!!!

Shall be investigating Gmail better when I find a moment :)


Watch out!

Guess which suppa-duppa tech-wiz is translating the Instructions Manual to install a Central Unit for Electrocardiographs? well done, yessir! The same one who can't connect the turntable onto the hi-fi!!!

So I do hope the final sense gets through... 'coz I've no idea of some of the things that are supposed to be going on, and shall have to wait for the technitians to pass by and ask, or my boss tomorrow...

Have experienced a timewarp

or something. Somehow got hooked on this blog I commented on the other day, little. yellow. different., and am reading ALL the posts since it started in June 2000!!! Yes, at work -shame, shame- but while on the phone, etc. Got it on the comp and just go back to reading it whenever not doing something totally demanding.

And it was sooo early a moment ago, it was only 10:30. How can it be 13:30 just about 20 minutes later????!!!!

well, lunch in front of the comp I guess, to make up for my ... erm... hummm... distraction.

Talking of distraction, check this! Black People Love Us!

By the way, Vel was on messenger to me a moment, and we had to agree on something: Fuck Asian Cousins!!! Make our love life harder still!!! -by controlling our Asian lovers:D hahaha

Does G-mail really exist?

...or is it just another Santa Claus???!!!

Have I been naughty? -Don't you laugh, mousy boy!!!- Or it simply doesn't exist!!!

Blogger keeps offering the G-Mail trial to me, but I can't get through the links, and Bloggers says 'sorry, G-mail shall reply to your e-mail soon... blah blah' but I get no reply... and then I read other bloggers are g-mailing and happy about it, but it's like when I was sure the Three Kings -I grew up in Spain and Santa didn't come this far south until about ten years ago- would bring me the Super-Fantabulous-Bicycle I wanted, but all I had was a load of small parcels, and some sweets...

And everyone else had what they'd asked for

Like G-Mail

Which reminds me of when my son was about 5, and just on the day the Kings were supposed to come, and me having managed to get all the stuff he wanted, which was quite simple -not too expensive, ok, and easy to find... My mother suddenly tells me over the phone, laughing, how people had been staring at her and my son when he'd asked The Kings' Page for a finger!!!! The poor guy who was earning his 3€ per hour for having kids jumping up and down infront of him and mispronouncing fancy toys' names, with his face covered by an itchy, synthetic beard, must have thought he'd misunderstood him, and my mom said how he'd asked 'A finger? What for?? and my son said, Yes, a finger. Only that.

It seems he wanted to test the Kings' ability to give whatever you ask for. He said on the phone to me, 'I want to see what finger they give me' Ha ha ha, that's my boy!!!

So I managed to get out from the office a bit earlier, excusing myself by the need to collect my son before the Kings' Parade, not saying I had to get a Finger first!!! And in a sudden bang of imagination I remembered a Jokes & Magic Tricks shop, and made my way there, thinking of one of those fake fingers that squirt water etc, but they had none left, and the only finger they had was a bleeding one, but so unrealistic it wasn't worth it... 'till I saw a fake hand poking out of a closed door trick, four fingers like a lady's hand is showing or grabbing whatever you clip it onto. Like, on your shirt, it's like she's hiding inside your shirt, right?

It was worth it, for the face Hugo had when he saw it.

Cool kid.

Front 242!

Yesss, ages since I heard any... can't play any vinyls at home, the turntable isn't connecting into the hifi -dunno why, Mary-Anne, but it won't work!!! so I miss out on many of the records I used to listen to. But Radio3 came to my help ;)

By the way, got sick of the childishness of my smileys etc, knew it would be a faze, so off they go hahaha

Waiting, waiting for my Coconut Tree from Denmark to send me the pics, please!!! But now she is too busy working out how to move closer to her Indian target... :P

Good luck, Vel!

Taking it easy today

No boss, no frantic salesperson of a feminine condition, no shouting, no running back and forth with the same e-mails 5 times per hour... On my own at the office, at least until 4 pm or so... If you do have to work, at least let it be in peace...

Mary-Anne linked me this cool way to have a laugh on Bushy Boy. Am listening to Radio3-the Spanish one, RNE3, not BBC! -used to listen to it all the time when studying, can't do it usually at work, we rarely do put the radio on and when we do it has to be to listen to the latest pop sensation, otherwise Miss Sales Person of the Year starts complaining about the music and asking questions about it, so...

Just got almost caught by the technitian, who comes in and out whenever he remembers something to do... but it's ok, he'll not take long to disappear again. Can go on at my relaxed pace, to make up for other really bastardly mornings...

And I've got such a load to do still, phoning and checking things are as required by CE regulations... I'll knock off for a while. Got some people to catch before it's too late at their offices... But I'm catching all the lines engaged, and otherwise the guys are always at meetings... just as my boss is supposed to be, too, ha ha ha. Office work!!! Who'd make me even consider it a few years ago? Rejecting and turning down good job offers when I could had started off with a great wage, just because it was such a square life...



Finally got hold of him. Bad Boy, as in Friday 19.03.04 post...

Hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm... so sweet and yet so strong, and yet so fun, and yet so cool, and yet... speechless! It was GREAT!!!!

We were both amazed, and were laughing at why it's taken us so long to see each other -we've known each other for 15 years!

And he was saying such a load of praise on me, besides everything else we talked about, he kept going on about how I was A Real Woman, and how I was the sexiest person in the disco, and all sorts of things like that... Hhhhhhmmmm... always nice to hear!!!

And, man, what a sex bomb! And sensual, caring...

Phew! I'm glad I finally went for it. He said he'd felt weird about pressing too much, because we knew each other for so long, yet didn't really know each other, so we're neither friends nor strangers, and he didn't know how to act. But once I assured him with a little nibble here and a little suggestion there on each occasion he'd jump upto me while dancing, and maybe give me a kiss on the neck or so... it just had to be then or never!!!

But, but, but... only ONE but: it was odd how some of the things he was saying to me sounded so familiar... not that typical bullshit when chatting someone up, that's always too familiar once you've been around a bit. Not talking about that. Sometimes he sounded a bit too much like my ex, Joan. Like the things he used to say to me. Right, I'd allready been considering how he seemed to be the same kind of guy, for better or for worse, and that's the kind of guy I like. But some things no-one else ever mentioned before, and came out of his mouth almost as it had from Joan's...

Ssssshhh!!! No, no worrying about that. Anyway, I'm not jumping into another obsession, I'm just playing cool, and happy I've finally found out how good it could be with this guy... but have not gone into preparing next dates or any other immediate flash shit. Trying to keep our relationship as it was, buddy-buddy when meeting, haha-hoho, and just look at you what you're wearing tonight, and so on. And see what happens in the future...

Lousy, really

Worst date ever, on Friday evening!!!

My fault, anyway. But sometimes you get to meet people who are really nice, like my Cinderella boy, so why not try again?

Anyway, quick to react, changed a lousy Friday into an ok one: got to phone Xavi in time to have dinner with him, had a good laugh and we got updated about our men, and though he wasn't going out that night, we were finally having drinks 'till 2:30 a.m., a good time to walk him home and go off to Magic, see what happens...

Didn't meet any friends nor even acquaintances at the disco, but was in a mood to dance a lot, so it was great, not thinking much about the guys around me -some nice mean-looking hunks, motards and so on, but I kept well away from them, being a good girl. Some other hunks around also, and soooo many whimsical lousy drunks too... but I was in one of my 'me, myself & I' moods... which means I have to pay for all my drinks, though!

I did get into this weird situation, though: a couple was arguing just next to me on the dance floor, and when he stormed off, she turned round to me, holding her tears back, and said 'could you please dance with me? this bastard has just left me to chat that other girl up, and he's supposed to be my boyfriend!' I was torn between good old Sisterhood principles, and the fact that I didn't really fancy dragging this peroxide blonde around with me, probably drunk allready and sure to get loaded 'coz of her man. So I compromised, and stayed with her 'till some guys were looking at us greedily, and I knew they were just what she needed: the same kind of people -under my point of view- and they'd buy her the drinks she'd want to get loaded, and could make her man jealous by hanging around these two creeps, while they'd be stupid enough not to forsee her ending up with her boyfriend... Which is exactly what happened!!!!! :))

Anyway, she did come up to me now and then for a while, but was well seen to :D

And I finally did accept one beer from a guy I'd been laughing at the situation with, but no compromising... not playing chatty or anything, wanted to behave 'coz I had to meet Xavi at 5:30 pm to go to the Asian cinema festival, and wanted to get things sorted out first.

I was good enough to even walk to the underground to get home, not even taxi!!!!

No news from B.

Is he locked up already? I doubt it, may be in some police station over the weekend though?! -wouldn't be the first time. Tried to phone him a few tiems when feeling I could deal with the conversation, but never got through. Don't want him to get bottled up and explode on me again, so must get him to know I've been enquiring about his sentence.